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huffer interpolator
I'm working on a little project in my free time, a top-down shooter, where the player controls a spaceship and fights against swarms of AI drones. My inspiration are games like Homeworld or Battlezone.

I'm trying to have a gameplay demo ready in a few months with the help of my programmer, with final art, then see where that leads. One of my goals is to make the ship, enemies and enviro as cool as I can, maybe go a little over the top. The units will be rather small on screen, so I'm keeping fat bevels and large details.

Here are some images from the prototype inside UE4, with blockout parts, and a wip for the drone's highres. Comments are welcome!

There's a lot to do, including final model of the textured ship and drone, a load of animations, some basic enviroment pieces, weapons and effects.

Ship blockout:

Drone highres:


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