[UE4] Medieval Scandinavian Village

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Project that I started long time ago. I live in Finland and saw this kind of historical village during my summer trip in Jyväskylä few years back. After starting to play Witcher 3 I decided to start working with this project again. Really loving how that game looks and feels and the nature really looks like in Finland. I also been wanting to test some photogrammetry stuff so this project will be awesome place to test that too.

I also want to learn more about Unreal Engine and after few VR projects I want to make something with dynamic lighting and heavy shaders :) It´s relaxing to make this kind of stuff.

So far my tools are 3DS Max for modeling, ZBrush for detail stuff, Substance Designer for baking and 99% texturing, SpeedTree for tree generating and photogrammetry for tree textures and stuff. Engine is UE4 4.15.1 with everything on :)


Start of the project:


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