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World Of Warcraft FANART: Undead Starting Zone [image heavy!]



  • Bolovorix
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    Bolovorix greentooth
    @tomenjerry Sweet, looking forward to seeing how you handle things. Love the stones btw!
  • Mateus
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    Mateus interpolator
    This thread makes me wanna try to make an environment. But it's overwhelming and I have no clue how to start, so I'll keep with characters :)
    Love creativity and love put in the textures!
    Looking forward to the updates.
  • lotet
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    lotet hero character
    Tree is looking much better, not that it looked bad before :p
  • tes3d
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    tes3d triangle
    wow .. lots of work.. looking pretty great.. cant wait to see the final result.. cheers

  • KrisLW
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    KrisLW polycounter lvl 5
    This is fantastic so far, I love seeing all of the WIP shots and watching it all come together.  :) Your texture work is phenomenal! I really like the way the foliage in particular is turning out - the cobwebs/moss hanging off of some of the branches is a perfect touch.

    That house is awesome, too! Lots of little details, I can't wait to see the scene once it's fully lit!

    I agree with going into an actual engine as well. I started in Blender, did my rendering in there, meh. Moved onto to Maya, did some rendering in there, again, meh. Tried UE4 and I'm never looking back. Everything is instantly gorgeous in UE, and in general just easier to work with overall. And since it's all real-time, no need to waste so much time waiting for renders every time you tweak one tiny little thing.
  • AntonioNeves
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    AntonioNeves polycounter
    Those branches are good, I really like! I noticed that you added some branches without leafs this is good, you can also create a pine tree with just branches without leafs, or just a few of them! Just a suggestion, keep updating :)
  • alexrc
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    alexrc interpolator
    Did this environment get finished??
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