World Of Warcraft FANART: Undead Starting Zone [image heavy!]

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hey! I realised I made too much to post in "show your handpainted stuff thread". So I figured I would make a thread myself, so I can get C&C. I will post a lot of works in progress. The project itself is completely for fun, and I don't really have a planm, haha, but thats fine. Like the title says, I'm working on a redesign of the undead starting zone in WoW. Here's some of the stuff I've been working on for the last couple weeks:

@Pixelatedkiwi This is going to be my thread from now on :) Can you give your thoughts on the tree? Would be awesome!

@AntonioNeves Thanks again, I'll work on it today!

I got some advice from Antonio. Which I'll be working on next. Should be a relatively easy fix:


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