[League of Legends FanArt] One VFX a day (or two), in Unity.

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Hello everyone !

I'm not really used to posting here, so if I made anything wrong, please tell me. :awesome:

So, I love League of Legends. And I love VFXs. So, why not do something with both of them?
If anyone remembers, I participated in the 2014 Art Contest for Riot Games (Polycount Thread), and that's what motivated me to enter in the world of VFXs.

Two weeks earlier, I decided to give this another try. So, I started making more League-related VFXs, with the little knowledge I accumulated this last year. A friend recommended me to post here once again, so I do. :)

The programs I used are Unity, Photoshop and Maya.

Here are the VFXs I made. Below is the video.

Here's the playlist I made with all the individual FXs: YouTube Playlist

Of course, my main objective by posting here would be to gather as much feedback as I can, as that is the only way I can improve.
Also, I will keep making more of these. If you are interested in following the progress, here are a few links you might find useful:

My Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/sirhaian.arts
My Channel: www.youtube.com/c/SirhaianNet

As an extra, here are a few WIP pictures. Some changed over time, so it does not reflect the final result:

Thanks for reading/checking the pictures and the video, and for the upcoming feedbacks. :proud: Have a good day!

Below are current WIPs:

Arcanist Jinx

Hextech Veigar


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