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Quixel Suite 2.1.1 is OUT NOW!

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Synaesthesia polycounter

Great news today! 2.1.1 just rolled out! With Smart Material Batching, and a dozen new Smart Materials too!

 Create & load presets made from entire projects, 1.8 preset conversion, plenty of fixes and much more:

- A bunch of new highly requested Smart Materials
- Introducing: Smart Material Batching (auto generate all materials using an ID map)
- Introducing: Smart Material converter for bringing custom 1.8 presets into Suite 2 
- Added full support for saving and loading custom ID Presets
- Added new ID Preset for auto generating Base Materials
- Added color picker for selecting color of wire-frame
- Fixed bug where color IDs would become jumbled when running Reimporter
- Fixed PNG exporter bug where alpha maps would halt export
- Added support for converting Blinn-Phong to GGX in Smart Material converter
- Improved symmetry paint mode
- Fixed bug where patcher would not detect previous install
- Fixed auto updater crash caused by anti-virus applications
- Fixed bug where custom imported materials would become grey
- Fixed output resolution bugs in Reimporter
- AO map is now scaled when running Reimporter
- Added 'W' key for toggling wire-frame mode quickly
- Fixed bug where material browser would go off-screen for certain screen resolutions
- Fixed bug where some mesh groups would not get rendered
- Fixed bug where back face culling would be off by default
- Fixed mask toggle getting stuck in paint mode
- Fixed bug where symmetry planes were having an effect on brush positioning/orientation
- Fixed bug where updated input paths would not be saved to the project
- Fixed 3DO map importer crash 
- Further optimized wire-frame mode
- Misc additional fixes

Artwork credits go to the awesome Blair Armitage, who is also releasing a tutorial on this piece in the coming days.


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