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Posting Your Final Entry

Hey Guys,

So we are aware that some people are having issues posting their skin packs to curated pathway in CoH2's Steam Workshop due to upload limits and other potential constraints.

If you are experiencing this issue or an issue with the tools or something similar along those lines but your skin pack is more or less complete, simply make a post in the WAR PAINT - Your final entry! thread with images of your skins to have it considered in the competition.

If we choose your skin to be integrated into CoH2's in-game store and you are still experiencing some technical issues, we will work with you to get those issues resolved after the competition has ended.

Thank you all for your hard work and patience during this competition. The quality of work that we've seen so far has been above and beyond our expectations.


  • Grumpntug
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    Grumpntug polycounter lvl 8
    I have an issue where I wanted to tweak a normal map inconsistency but my file was too large at that point. Also a strange issue where it said my files couldn't be found after I had found another method. Would an issue like this fall into the same category?
  • Shriken
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    Shriken polycounter lvl 7
    I have been running into issues with steam as stated above,  however my final submission post hasn't been authorised. Despite later posts seemingly being so. Do I assume I cannot submit?
  • georider
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    georider polygon
    I have upload my submisions but I can't fix my no2 winter skinpack for eastern front i get an error 9 , so what i have to do I leave it in that way and post the update preview in the final version and after what? how you will have that version and not the previous one.?
  • puppeteer
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    puppeteer polycounter lvl 4
    Hi Kyle,

    Is it possible for Relic to accept packages directly from creators instead of having it go through the steam upload process? The number of submissions is not that big so maybe you can get the problematic packages directly for the competition?
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