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[UE4] [Environment] Kelvingrove inspired art gallery - Critiques welcome!

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Decided to post some work in progress of my personal project. This environment is based of the Kelvingrove art gallery in Glasgow.

Main reason for choosing this environment:
  1. - Spitfire works as a strong focus point.
  2. - interesting explorer/museum theme.

- Personal portfolio project.
- Creating strong compositions / scene layouts intended for game levels.
- Test my lighting skills in Unreal Engine.
- Learn more about high poly modelling. (Also sculpting)
- Trying out Substance Designer.
- New export workflow test from 3Ds max to Unreal. (I am currently using the plugin from Tom Shannon http://goo.gl/YV4JVi  and it works great! Thx Tom.)
- (Optional: combining an older scene/ lighttest from my previous work: http://yvovonberg.nl/library.html  maybe it fits the current theme)

Small selection of the references:

First blockout:

Current: (Realtime lights)

First texture pass:

Substance + some parts of the kit:

What are the next steps ?
- Working on the ground texture.
- Fixing a lot of UVs in pillars and arcs.
- Second modelling pass / details on arcs and pillars.
- Spitfire high poly,
- Second channel UV unwrap / prep for lighting bake.

Lighting and textures are not final.

Your feedback is highly appreciated, I really want to take this to the next level!



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