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Zbrush Normal Map issue - Blender

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I finished making a texture and normal map in Zbrush, then I put them on my model in Blender. I thought it looked fine until I noticed the shadow on his back wasn't smooth, and it was split. It's at the edge of the UV on his back.  This is the only place where the normal map isn't smooth. I switched it to non-color data in blender, but it didn't change anything. Does anybody know why the normal map in this area wasn't smoothed?


  • Scruples
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    Scruples polycounter lvl 10
    Looks normal to me *bud-dum-tss* :#
    But really, the shading on the normal map should look like that as it's dependent on the orientation of the UV's, applying the normal map as a normal map might give you a better idea of what it actually looks like.
  • JedTheKrampus
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    JedTheKrampus polycounter lvl 8
    If you bake it in Blender or xNormal instead of Zbrush you'll get a better result. Zbrush is going to give you tangent space sync problems with almost any renderer. You could probably bake an object space normal map in Zbrush and convert it to tangent space with xNormal, but it's simpler just to bake it in xNormal or Blender.
  • GemJello
    Okay, I'll take the high poly model into blender, make a new one, and see how that turns out. I want to try xNormal as well. I've never used it because I've been doing most of my work on a mac.

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