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My first environment project

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Hey guys
Some amazing work going on in here and now's the time for me to jump in. 
Inspired by the amazing Bloodborne I want to create a Gothic street environment.
I intend to do the modelling in Maya and detailing in Zbrush then put together and lit in unreal 4. At this early point I am just blocking in some modular assets and gathering reference.

This is my first big project in 3D and I would really appreciate any tips or advice that you guys could give.

These images are the major inspirations

And these are the simple shapes that will form the basis of the scene. obviously this is as basic as it gets but if there is anything you think may help I would love it if you let me know. 



  • nathdevlin
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    nathdevlin polycounter lvl 8

    As it is early days in your project there's not much that can be said in terms of useful critique. At least you're starting in the right order such as referencing gathering and beginning with a modular approach. It seems like your workflow is sound also.

    For now the best advice I can give is to not move forward producing any final art until you've completed a strong and representative blockout of the street scene you wish to create using your modules in UE4. This will save you time later. Once you've received feedback and tested it thoroughly then draw up a list of assets based off of the modular kit and get producing art :)

  • rBose
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    rBose polycounter lvl 2
    Looks interesting mate!
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