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TOWER - Happy Forest Shrine

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Tom Mackie polycounter lvl 5
Working on my concept for a tower floor - "Happy Forest Shrine".


The idea is basically a natural shrine hidden in a grove. Aiming for a cartoony/stylized feel. Thinking of very simple or hand painted textures, but quite a lot of polys to get soft edges.

Any tips, technical reference, or random comments would be cool! Think I need to work on the concept a bit and clean up. Possibly alter the white tree to make it more interesting - Maybe some flowers or form it into the shape of a creature/person?

Thought I would jump into some 3D straight away.


Keeping the texturing very simple and low-spec

Gonna try using a lot of polys, even though aiming for a stylised kind of feel

Sort of making it up as I go & experimenting


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