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Portfolip (WIP) - Subway Unreal Engine 4

Hi there,
i am currently working on my portfolio.


for that i am working on a subway station in unreal engine 4. it's still work in progress and critiques are very welcome.





greetings Marcel


  • beanster
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    beanster polycounter lvl 2
  • EpicBeardMan
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    EpicBeardMan polycounter lvl 7
    Hey, great work so far. I really like how you play with reflections on the floor.
    Material work is amazing.
    One suggestion I have is to make it more "populated" and by that I mean, add debris (like papers, pieces of cardboard, maybe even add some small grafitti on the walls). Give it some character and story. It will improve the scene ten-fold.
    Keep doing great work!

  • MarGon
    yes i already planed stuff like that. i currently working on some trash assets. i've planned to do some destruction, paper, station stuff, trash etc.

    about the story: i already have some story ideas, too. as example: a construction area where some of the ceiling tiles are open an they are working on the ventilation system or something like this. an onther idea is that the station is fluted by heavy rain and they pumping out the water (i could add some more dirty puddles, floating water down from the wall, hoses on the floor and a pump mashine). and the last 2 idears are a crime scene or a fire in the station (i could integrate high air density and dense smoke on the ceiling). i need something in the story for the wet ground. i look for a solution to fuse more of these ideas but not sure jet.
  • EpicBeardMan
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    EpicBeardMan polycounter lvl 7
    Great planning so far. Keep going :D

  • oxblood
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    oxblood polycounter lvl 3
    beautiful work
  • Staubkopf
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    Staubkopf polycounter lvl 3
    very nice :)

    how did you light the scene? did you create anything special or did you use the standard unreal lights or emmisive lights?
  • MarGon
    i tryed many different ways to light the scene. i wanted a realtime solution but there was really no way without loosing quality. no reflection probes and no emissive lighting without lightmaps. there i s a trick for realtime emissive lighting but it is e experimental feature an it looks like this.

    so i decided to calculate lightmaps and used environment probes. so i have to do some extra work to avoid light map seams because i use flat wall and floor modules. i tryed to fix it with setting up lightmass but it doesn't really changed something.

    i wanted to use IES light profiles too, but you have to rotate the light and if you have a tube light the orientation of the source length is not correct and you can't change it. such details are very disappointing about unreal engine.
  • atomander
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    atomander polycounter lvl 7
    Really great materials! I'd love to see a little wear and dirt build up in some areas, such as the pillars, walls, and floor.
  • Shrike
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    Shrike interpolator
    Its very wet for a totally enclosed area : P
  • amirabd2130
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    amirabd2130 polycounter lvl 7
    this looks really nice as is :thumbup:
    adding more details will definitely make this awesome

    looking forward to this
  • _Kratos_
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    _Kratos_ polycounter lvl 6
    Hey this looks nice!
    I personally find it a little too clean... but guess is a personal taste... its like the dirt not getting into the material definition... also more dressing props could be nice!
  • clinington
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    clinington polycounter lvl 7
    Awesome materials! It's looking great, just needs some clutter/litter in my opinion :D
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