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3ds Max - Subobject / Object Toggle Driving me mad

polycounter lvl 13
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Ott polycounter lvl 13
Frankly I don't even recall if it's always done this, but I'm in 3ds Max 2013 and it's annoying the shit out of me.

It's so basic, but I'm realizing just how much time I'm wasting because of this.

Workflow sample - If you press 1, you're in Vertex Mode. If you press 1 again, you exit sub-object mode and go into Object mode. This is where I get annoyed.

Is there a way to tell Max NOT to exit sub-object mode? If I press 1 a hundred times, I want to ONLY stay in sub-object mode. I've already got a hotkey for Object mode. Or, I can manually click the stack.

I work with hotkeys, and try to work fast. "Accidentally" exiting sub-object mode all the damn time is slowing me down.

Thoughts? Settings? Is there a magic script out there to save my brain? Lemme know :poly127:


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