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Hi there, so...I'm Sylvain Castelanelli aka Raven, french, 2d 3d artist and I've entered this contest to pay a tribute to my very first comic influence : Mr Jean Giraud aka Moebius.

The concept is pretty simple, the celestial throne from which Moebius's watching over all of us artists, spreading good vibes and inspiration through his legendary light/dark incal.
My goal is to build an aerial, light and colorful scene that will look like a Moebius comic illustration and therefore bring the viewer in his universe instead of bringing his universe to 3d (tell me if I'm not crystal clear ^^).

Plus, having a simple scene will help me meet the deadline as I'm quite busy.

So, there we go with my concept...hope you like it, questions, comments and crits very welcome.


Applications :
3ds max
3dcoat if needed (retopo)
Substance designer (bake)
Substance painter
Toolbag or UE4

See y'all and good luck guys ;)


  • Raven 05
    Hello, there's a second artwork about the huge statues that will stand on the surrounding celestial path (will draw this part of the concept as soon as I got time enough :/ ).

    Hope you like it, please feel free to comment despite the lack of 3D.......yet ^^


    See you ;)
  • Bosen
    I just love a good surreal environment. The concepts are looking amazing so far, can't wait to see more.
  • lopezmolano
    Great idea. Nice colours.
  • Raven 05
    Thanks ;)

    It's been a while now since my last post and time might be an issue but I wanna give this project a chance and I guess I won't get much sleep from now on...never mind ^^

    I've had time to think all this through and after having seen many entries, I realized that lots of them were kinda "look alike"...in composition (with corridors, walls, ornaments, focused skylights) and pipepline (zbrush HD meshes, baked Normals and weathered procedural texturing).

    I know my "comic book" style do not involve this kind of rendering and therefore this texture workflow.
    I had to make a choice then and decided to go the other way around...no sculpt, no bakes, no modeled details.

    My goal is to have all the work done with textures, meaning I'll only use substance designer and substance painter on low poly meshes to get all the drawn and painted aspects of the concept style done.

    First step was to build the tools that will help me do so.

    I needed two kind of hatch, a simple one that would apply to the mesh from bottom to top with a controled gradient mask to make it fade out on the V axis of the uvw layout. The second one, more complex, has to be driven by the Y axis of the normal map that is generated by the height input in painter's layer.
    The most challenging part was of course to have them both look as natural as possible.

    There is the first one, the moebius style hatching, build within designer with exposed parameters to handle the tiling, scale, variations and number of hatch in x and y :


    The second one, the normal driven hatch (with a height map dragged into the input node for viewing purpose) :


    Same Hatch FX imported and used in substance painter...as you can see, as I paint height informations, hatches appear on lower parts of created normal mapped details (this is a previous version with less exposed parameters though) :


  • Raven 05
    3ds Max mod...some elements are still blockouts and may vary. I got rid of the flying objects from initial concept and replaced them with the "oiseau b
  • Raven 05
    Next step within Painter, using my custom hatch FX generator.


    ...hatches are drawn on base color channel as normal map is painted on height channel (the layer's set to multiply) Works fine so far and exposed parameters allow some tweaking here and there.

    Then flat colors are applied on a layer beneath...


    Hope you enjoy, see you next time ;)
  • Raven 05
    Hey there, back with the UE4 integration. Still aiming at this fake comic illustration look...


    ...'been using the designer baked and inverted Y position map to handle opacity on the clouds (and of course to drive the hatches as well within designer).

    Beside that, nothing fancy, see you soon ;)
  • Raven 05
    Main pillar painted at last...100% painter, ,normal map hand painted. Simple filter on top to add variation and help control saturation through fusion mode and fx level.


    And within UE4 ...


    A few hours left to add the throne and work on the presentation...gonna take a nap first ^^.

    See you.
  • Raven 05
    All done and posted in submission thread at the very last minute...it was fun despite a lack of communication between members (personal opinion ^^).

    I wish you guys a lot of luck.

    Thanks to Polycount, Allegorithmic and the jury for their time and ressources allowing to provide us with such an interesting challenge.

    See you soon ;)
  • monkeybit29
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    monkeybit29 polycounter lvl 6
    Hey I really love your guy's style and concept behind this piece, but i had to bust a mission to track down your wip for more info lol. You guys forgot to post the WIP link in the submission
  • Raven 05
    Oh yes indeed, I forgot to do so...my mistake. I've posted the final shots a few minutes before midnight, meaning I was literaly confused and bypassed many things ^^ (including the link to the wip).

    The submission thread is closed, I doubt I can edit my post to add the wip link.

    Thanks for your feedback monkeybit29 (by the way, there are no guys, I'm a single player on this one ;) ).

    See ya.
  • Geno527
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    Geno527 polycounter lvl 8
    I really really love what you've done this is one of my favorite. Well done !
  • noscope
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    noscope polycounter lvl 6
    where does it say you have to post the wip link in submission? I dont know why people keep saying that. Anyways really nice submission dude.
  • Raven 05
    Thank you, both ;) Very nice of you.

    You've done an amazing piece too noscope. Clean mod (I like clean topologies ^^) and nice style (lots of curves...round shapes, I do like that too).
  • erelar
    i think that your throne style is very nice) simple and cute)
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