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Hey guys, I'm making the thread a bit late, but I have been working on it, so I do have some stuff to show. Really liked the contest image with the bikes and such, so I'm going to do be rather unoriginal and do something along those lines, female rider, hover bike type vehicle.

Thought I'd do a futuristic military mix with a Mad Max vibe, like I said, not going for originality here...


Started going full armor, hated it, then switched over to the more leather and cloth mixture, I want to incorporate some of the feathers from the reference sheet at some point if I can.


Here's some shots of the changes. Boots obviously still being blocked in.



Here's a marmoset test shot with the high poly from Zbrush.


The big issue I'll have is with the vehicle, I'm NOT good at vehicles so any tips along the way would be really appreciated. I want to go for something like a mix of these two bikes, maybe fatten it up a bit, and get rid of the wheels and make it a hover bike.


Wish me luck, and good luck to everyone else!


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