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100,000+ polycounters!

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I just wanted to make a post quickly to share the amazing news: Polycount now has over 100,000 members! As I Tweeted over the weekend that is 100,000 game artists, fans of game art, and fans of gaming.

100,000 members is an incredible amount when you consider just how niche are community is. We're a specific trade within a very specific industry. We attract people who are working professionals, eager to become a working professional, love art, or love a game so much they want to see how the art for their game is being made (looking at you Dota 2 & TF2 sub-forums!).

I also want to take the time to personally say thank you to those in the community who have been organizing community-ran events like the Monthly Noob Challenges and Dota 2 competitions. You guys recognized a need from the rest of the community for such events and have taken it upon yourselves to organize these competitions on a monthly basis. I personally love viewing them every month to see how people are growing, sharing, educating, and producing amazing works of game art so early in to their growth. It's one of the reasons I absolutely love being apart of Polycount and for that I thank you guys.

So, from all of us at Polycount, congratulations everyone! Now what are you doing? Get back to the art!


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