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Mass Effect 3 art - Marc-Antoine Hamelin

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Hi everyone,

So I finally got around to update my portfolio and add the final stuff I did on Mass Effect before I left Bioware.

The Element Zero mines level that you see below was all done by myself, which includes modeling/textures/lighting/optimization/debug.

I'm pretty happy with the final result, especially for the size of the map and the time we had to work on the pack. Unfortunately, Omega flew a little under the radar, while Citadel was very well received.

About 90% of the meshes were textured using only one 2048x1024 texture to optimize the memory; in this case to get more memory for light maps. In the end, the palette ended up being used throughout the rest of the Omega maps, which were done by the rest of my fellow level artists Mark Linington, Fran


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