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Hi guys,

We are currently working on our final project for school. Our plan is it to make a InGame Trailer in UDK. We are also planing to let people walk through the level at this years Gamescom. (right now we are heading into our 3rd month in working with UDK). Our Team consists out of 2 people. (Justin Green and Martin Vater.)

The story plays in the Favelas of Rio, where a American called Lambert gets kidnapped by one of the many gangs in the slums. He eventually escapes and the chase through the tight alleys of the Favela begins.

There is still a lot of work that needs to be done. (Long nights ^^)

The highpoly of our characters is already finished now we have too rig and animate them (at least 2 characters) and implement them into UDK.

There will be plenty of question for you guys to answer :)

Any critique is welcome :)


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