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Substance Designer 3 - 99$ Non-commercial use Licence

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Jerc interpolator
Hi all,

I've been a lurker on PC for a while and it happens that I also work for Allegorithmic, so I'm starting this thread to tell you all that Substance Designer 3 is now available for 99$ for Non-commercial use licenses.

I'll keep the thread updated with new features, tuts and content as they become available, and most probably some special discounts for polycounters :)
You can also use this topic for letting us know of any feedback, feature request, bug, rant, etc.

For those of you not familiar with the tool, Substance Designer is a node based texturing tool in which we try to gather as many texturing tasks as possible into one software: Image compositing, painting, baking, scripting, all in the same environment streamlined for game texturing.

The goal is to automate the most tedious tasks while keeping full control over what really matters, from AO baking to in-engine tweaking (substances can be modified within 3dsMax, Maya, Unity and more big players to come very soon).

We decided to release this NCU licence for all the students, hobbyists, and indies out there who can't afford a 600$ software. You'll still get access to all the features for use in personnal and portfolio pieces, prototyping or early dev work.

So as a first feature update, here is what the new library view will look like in the upcoming Christmas update :)


It allows you to monitor any folders on your computer or network, filter assets, store them in custom categories, perform a quick search through all of them, add favorites and toolbars, etc.

And finally some Substance Designer Made eye candy from our friend and fellow polycounter Jarred Everson!


EDIT: Ho and by the way, you can support us on Steam Greenlight


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