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I Love Polycount

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I just want to post, that I love polycount, if it wasnt for polycount i wouldnt ever grow as an artist or learn, just looking at someone elses art and seeing the critiques and/or praises helps me grow so strongly as an artist, I'm so looking forward to the day when I am an artist in the game industry, the day i can say "I worked on that game" is going to be one of the greatest days of my life. Thank you all for being such great people and helping me with my art. Yes i beat myself up all the time about not making art 24/7 like some of you do and about not staying on track as an artist but my passion is beyond the passion of anyone i know and i know that if i just keep at it, someday i will be there. I dont care if i make rocks all day long, atleast im making art in the game industry. Almost all art i look at on here inspires me and i just want to thank you all for being such great people and great artists. I wish my friends liked game art, modeling, and just working with game engines and 3d modeling programs as much as i do. If anyone would like to add me just to talk about art or playing games or ANYTHING for that matter please feel free, my skype is dpaynter26

once again, THANK YOU ALL!!!!


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