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I posted some stuff before in the what are you working thread. Here is a first public release with some of the tools that I have been working on.
Obviously the high anticipated SWF tween to Unity or texture map and tween data parser are not yet ready but maybe there is some interesting stuff for some of you in this. I am using this at work hence the type of tools in it.
Anyway its non commercial (free) and I will update it every now and then with some fixes and new tools similar to back in the day with TexTools.

featured tools in this first public release

Sprite Packer
Your typical sprite packer with some unique flavours and quick usage.

Sprite Extractor
Tool that lets you parse sprite islands from a opaque PNG image in a fixed "read" order. All detected image sprites can be saved with names read from a variable array.

SWF/ GIF frames export
Renders either GIF or SWF (including actionscript) frames and puts them either into a sprite sheet or saves them as a image sequence.

Tile Extractor
Early preview of a upcomming Tile extractor tool

Share Folder
Tool to push and pull typical working data from and into. It supports any files you drag on it or clipboard bitmaps or clipboard text data.


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