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Star Trek Online: Enterprise-F

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Pope Adam polycounter lvl 11
Hey PC. So I've been doing ships for STO for about 2 years now. Recently we held a Design the Next Enterprise contest. It was won by an artist named Adam Ihle. We took his original sketch and brought it in to our game as the next Enterprise in the Star Trek fiction. Here is a link to the development diaries.


And here's some images of Star Trek's latest incarnation of the U.S.S. Enterprise.

Enjoy! - I've been defending myself against the flame on the STO boards under the name CapnLogan. Trek fans are so splintered on literally every issue but I've managed to get most STO players on board with this design.






  • HAL
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    HAL polycounter lvl 13
    nice classic lines, great modern approach at it.

  • nordahl154
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    nordahl154 polycounter lvl 9
    I absolutely love it! So sleek sexy...
    A little iffy from the back but overall I really like it.
  • shawnell3d
  • skylebones
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    skylebones polycounter lvl 10
    That design is bad ass! I love it. It has a very nice organic shape to it while still feeling like it belongs in the Star Trek universe.

    Also, fanboys hate everything. Let it roll.
  • Mr_Paris
    I am so jealous of you right now :D

    Looks great man, any chance of wires or maps?

    And yes, trek fans are tough to please. haha.

    Did you happen to ever work on the Perpetual team?
  • Habboi
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    Habboi sublime tool
    Hot damn. I've been re-watching Next Generation with my Pa and seeing your concept compared to the old Enterprise C is just awesome, you did a great job!

    Screw the haters, they always look for something to moan about.
  • lewist
    Looks really good! Don't be discouraged by the fan base, it's an impossible task to please everyone. There's a lot to like - the great silhouette and curvature make it fit naturally with the other Trek ships.
  • Slider
    I love the look, it's beautiful.

    The curved design is amazing.
  • PeterK
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    PeterK greentooth
    Hey Man,

    Great work. I like how it's similar to the "E" but has it's own style as well. It actually inspired me to do a little speed sculpt of a Romulan.

    I don't want to hijack your thread, but your model made me want to play around with some Star trek designs myself:

  • jsargent
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    jsargent polycounter lvl 5
    I really like it :) Nice job, can we see textures? :)
  • Pope Adam
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    Pope Adam polycounter lvl 11
    single 1024 material for the ship. All ships in the game have a swappable material... this one is unique to the new Enterprise-F.

    I was never on the perpetual team, I joined Cryptic in June of '09


    You'll notice there are dark areas on the ship that aren't shown on the texture. This is done in our material editor where you can choose patterns to lay over your hull and tint them any color you like.
  • ae.
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    ae. polycounter lvl 12
    us star trek Devs need to stick together :P

    the game looks great buddy love the ships!
  • adam
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    adam polycounter lvl 18
    3 things!

    - Awesome job, I love it.
    - How is the "NCC 1701 F" done? A decal from another texture?
    - Could you do a cross reference of areas of the ship to where they are on the texture? For instance - the lit windows, where are they on the sheet? Etc.

  • Pope Adam
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    Pope Adam polycounter lvl 11
    The Enterprise F is just over 9k tri's. A bit over budget from our initial estimates at launch a year ago, but this is a very special ship, that separate in to two ships, and a drops a third out of the rear (still in development) so we upped the tri counts for it.

    In this image you'll see the ship all as one unit, and one where all decal elements have been shifted to the side. These elements include-
    -window/escape pods (checkers)
    -IDName and IDNumbers
    -Decal materials (starfleet logos)

    The checker material on the windows represents the in-game textures that are customizable by players to show different kinds of escape pods and windows. The checkers represent where the UV's must be mapped in order to not have any cut-off windows if the player chooses a different type.

    The super colorful texture on the ship itself represent the areas where the player can change his/her trim maps to get different swatches on the hull. The entire ship is mapped to a flat, horizontally tiling 1024x1024 square that has areas for mapping special parts of the ship like phaser strips, warp nacelle glow, impulse engines, deflector arrays, arboretum windows etc. This can be seen on the previously shown texture.

    As you suspected, the registry names and numbers are dynamic and are decal'd by another texture. Obviously this is the same for the windows etc. It gives a great deal of customization to the players. All STO ships have 3 variants (well... almost all) that can swap out interchangeably. This is one of the hardest parts of the job is making variants that are vastly different from one another, but still all work together no matter what combo the player chooses.


    Ae! I noticed you're working on the new Star Trek game too - :) So cool looking, can't wait to try it out!
  • Pope Adam
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    Pope Adam polycounter lvl 11
    Tossing in some promo renders while I'm at it.

  • stimpack
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    stimpack polycounter lvl 10
    that ship is the hotness
  • Mr_Paris
    Thanks for all the info, really appreciate it. Great work as well.
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