UDK Tuturial Series: Unreal Cascade - Creating an MMO Ice Spell

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Hey Guys,

I wasn't sure where to post a tutorial at. I remember seeing a Tutorials thread buy i couldn't find it.

Anyways I just finished this tutorial Series. It's 7 Parts long and goes over step by step on how i created my MMO Style Ice Effect. I realized during Post Production that I really didn't explain things that would have been explained in a Beginners Tutorial, so If yo don't know anything i suggest checking out 3DBuzz's stuff.

Here's the Intro for a preview


Tutorial Difficulty : Intermediate
Requirements : Familiarity with the UDK and Unreal Cascade

Part 1 - Master Material Setup
Part 2 - Ground Mist
Part 3 - Rising Mist
Part 4 - Ice Spike Material
Part 5 - Ice Spike Setup
Part 6 - Ice Chunks
Part 7 - Ground Runes

You can find the Complete .rar file below which includes all 8 videos and the project files...


Enjoy guys :-)


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