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TF2 - Polypack - Pierate

polycounter lvl 8
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Pierate polycounter lvl 8
Final models and stuff:

- - -

Alrightio, gonna have a go at this thing, will be making stuff for ze awesome medic!
Right now I'm planning to make medicy looking stuff inspired by (german) medieval stuff, maybe it wont fit the TF2 universe too well but whatever :D

Current ideas:

Melee replacement: Needle dagger thing. Basically a somewhat ubersaw-ish design with a needle mixed into a blade of sorts, a dagger in this case. Gameplay wise im thinking it would steal health from enemies, store it in the needle and then you could melee your teamies in order to heal them, or something like that.

Secondary replacement: Crossbow inspired needlegun, I'm thinking it would look like a crossbow but behave like a needlegun. It would also shoot larger, heavier needles that could possibly slow enemies down a wee bit, it would also have less ammo and shoot slower.

Hat replacement: something like >this< with a medic logo and other stuff, not sure.

So yeah those are my ideas at the moment, comments and whatnot would be appreciated (not that theres much to comment yet).


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