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So, a month or so ago I was tinkering away with casey to come up with some concepts for portfolio material - me doin the 2d stuff with his awesome input and him potentially adding the 3d winsauce.

Most of these are still fairly early stages, but, any input on all of them would be sweet... I'll continue updating here rather than spamming the Wawo thread with minor updates n whatnot. Hopefully I can get something nice out of this when all is said and done.

Early silouettes > More Developed






- Once I'm done with the book/caster toitle dude I'll probably make the old turtle my next one to finish up - I prefer fins but casey prefers him to have hands! And i'll probably give him a lantern with a better/more dynamic pose to suit.

Not sure what kind of garb they should be wearing yet either D:


  • BeserK
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    BeserK polycounter lvl 12
    Looking great man! Only thing I noticed (and I know it's still early days) was the shells look stuck on, not attached... maybe they edges can wrap around near the joints?
    Keep it up!
  • Ged
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    Ged interpolator
    the silhouettes are a bit smooth even on the shells theres not alot of interesting shapes, nice idea and rendering though
  • Two Listen
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    Two Listen polycounter lvl 11
    They look great man, it's refreshing to see 2D stuff every so often. These'll look really nice when they're a little bit more fleshed out. But I'm loving what you've done with just the WIPs.

    One thing I'd try to get in there, as this is something people so often leave out when doing turtles - right now it's pretty much as if the turtles are simply wearing their shells as if they were bullet proof vests (with a big damn bulge on the back). You know, like they can just put them on over their heads like a shirt. Turtles do not wear their shells, they ARE their shells. Their shells are part of their body, they're connected all around with loose skin, around the neck, arms, etc. It's loose so they can obviously withdraw into their shells, but they are connected all around nonetheless.

    Take a look:

    Ref 1
    Ref 2
    Ref 3
    Ref 4
    Ref 5

    See? All sorts of turtles and tortoises, they are all very much connected to their shells. Sometimes, it isn't quite as prevalent. Such as here. It's still connected, just looks a little bit more disconnected than some other types of turtles/tortoises, and so if you wanted to do it that way for some of them that's probably fine. But I wouldn't disregard it entirely.

    As a whole, though, this is good stuff and I very much look forward to seeing them develop.
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