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FractaL's Sketchbook (Drawings + Models) [UPDATED: 9/4/2012]

Hi everyone! This is going to be a dump for all of my stuff in terms of drawings (line, figure, gesture, etc.), paintings, models, sculpts and possibly some traditional art.

All forms of critique are welcome in this thread!

9/4/2012 - Thread just created, at this point I am going to stick to drawing and doing studies of the human anatomy as sculpting or doing organic models seems pretty counter productive at this point. I will still learn how to do prop modeling though! Very long journey ahead of me, my goal is to become either a concept artist or a 3d modeler.

Figure Drawings:
10/4/2012 - Woman with rope

9/4/2012 - Woman
2/15/2012 - Man; not sure why I labelled as gesture, its definitely a fig drawing!


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