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Crowd funding project: Marking menus for Photoshop and other software

polycounter lvl 11
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vertigo__ polycounter lvl 11
Recently I was telling a buddy of mine about how I hate digging through the standard menus in some software like Photoshop. In Maya or Zbrush I am used to creating either marking menus or custom palettes that allow me to assign multiple related commands to one hotkey. This is useful for organization and also more efficient than having one command assigned to one hotkey. He mentioned that he made an attempt to address this for Illustrator and wanted to expand the Idea to work with any software. He wants to generate $1000 to hire a programmer to help with the stuff that is outside his scope of knowledge. I figured there are probably others out there like us and I might find some like minded people here. Here is his pitch:

Maybe people would like to pitch in ideas or gui designs too?


  • Snader
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    Snader polycounter lvl 13
    Did you try looking for similar things?

  • vertigo__
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    vertigo__ polycounter lvl 11
    Thanks for the tip. I will look into it, and pass the info along.
  • Michael Knubben
    Pie menus are infinitely less powerful than Marking Menus, and absolutely not the same thing. Where Marking Menus shine is in submenus, which I find to be cumbersome in regular pie menus (which is why my favourite implementations of pie menus eg. in Modo is without submenus).
    Check out this video: [ame=" of Marking Menus - YouTube[/ame]

    I would pay for Marking Menus in other software, though! I imagine it could work great with tablet pc's as well, to ween yourself off a keyboard-centric workflow.
  • vertigo__
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    vertigo__ polycounter lvl 11
    Thanks for making this distinction MightyPea. I will try and get Zoltan to comment on what he intends and also possibly comment on why what we want to do here is different than this orbit thing.
  • Zoltan Erdokovy
    Hello everyone, thank you for taking the time. :)

    @Shader: Orbit is nice but serves a somewhat different purpose.
    (Can't send key strokes for example.)

    @MightyPea: Indeed sub-pie-menus are very annoying, that's
    why at this point the project is aimed at accessing 4-8-16
    frequently used functions (per app per hotkey).

    Having said that, later on I would like to extend the system with
    marking menu like functionality. I have a few ideas how to unify
    blind gestures, pie and marking menus, but they will need some
  • Zoltan Erdokovy
    Here are some examples for common tasks: UniPie_Examples.pdf

    I've also updated the documentation with a special pie menu which
    acts as a "color picker" for any numeric property:

  • Zoltan Erdokovy
    After the Indiegogo campaign failed I started working on UniPie in my free time.
    Now it's in a semi-usable state with the core features working but also having
    one outstanding bug: Key combos sent to Photoshop and Illustrator are
    misinterpreted. For example CTRL+G becomes CTRL+SHIFT+WHEELUP. o_O

    Stuff seems to be working in other apps (Firefox, Notepad, Explorer, Directory
    Opus) so the plan now is to collect software where UniPie fails, then looking for
    a pattern. Hopefully I'll be able to discuss this issue with some of the
    developers of those applications.

    If you want to take the current build for a spin you can find it at

    Again, it only has the core features (Pie menus and combo remapping) none of
    the advanced stuff like macros or visual styles.

    If you find any other software where combos seem to be misinterpreted then
    please let me know. Also bug reports, ideas and suggestions are welcome. :)
  • MrOneTwo
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    MrOneTwo polycounter lvl 11
    Nice. I like stuff like that so I will test it a bit. I managed to break in few ways already though ;p I created simple 'ctrl + d' combo and tried it in 3ds max. When I have UniPie turned on it stucks my middle mouse button. It just holds it for me and doesn't want to let go. I wish you luck with this one. Seems like a nice project.

    Ohhh it also stops working after I use brush in Photoshop. Shows up but doesn't register cursor.
  • Zoltan Erdokovy
    Interesting, could you please send me your UniPie_data.json file, found in the
    My Documents folder?

    What windows flavor are you using?

    Could you describe the problems in detail? Kind of like this:
    - I switch to Calculator.
    - I press "A" which supposed to show a pie menu.
    - The pie menu shows up but does not go away after I release "A".
    - From then on UniPie stops working even in Wordpad.
  • Zoltan Erdokovy
    New version with fixed combos in adobe apps:


    The biggest current issues are that mouse wheel is not yet supported and that your configs
    will probably be incompatible with the next release so you might need to redo them.
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