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[DS2] Mace, GummiEnte

polycounter lvl 7
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GummiEnte polycounter lvl 7
Decided to participate because the stuff here is just amazing and I hope to learn a lotpoly120.gif
Here's my rough concept:


Tried to create a 3-sided mace with goatskulls. Most of the things are far away from final and only a placeholder at the moment. And of course I need to check the proportions as well...
C & C are very welcome!

Small update:

Not quite sure but I think the handle will be made of metal with some leather wrapping.



  • GummiEnte
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    GummiEnte polycounter lvl 7
    Quick color test to get a feel for the weapon:


  • Maks
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    Maks polycounter lvl 10

    i like the Concept a lot. Especially if you say its 3-sided. I think that will look pretty cool. My main Problem with this Mace is the piece between the handle bar and the skulls. That Point is really thin and doesn't look like you could deal some damage with it. I also doesn't like the signs on the head so much but we will see.
    Hope you post some 3D WIP soon.
    Keep it up.
  • GummiEnte
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    GummiEnte polycounter lvl 7
    After several hours of work, some 3d stuff:)


    Quick normal map test in UDK. I just wanted to see how the normal map turns out.
    It also seems that I can match the polybugdet. After I retopolgized the zbrush sculpt I had to delete some polys, but after some tweaking I should now be under the limit.

    And here's a quick scale reference screen:


    Next steps will be adding the two missing heads and of course some texture work. Hope I can finish this piece in time...
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