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[DS2] Axe? - kralzar

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Hey all, first time here on Polycount. Very inspirational work.. friend pointed me in this direction. Thought I would throw my hat in and see what happens.

Here are a few silo tests/sketches I was messin with.


Below is my major question before going any further. I am wondering how far outside the boundaries we can go? I put the below image as a guideline as to if this is pushing it too far? I'm mostly concerned with the hit box area.


Look forward to getting to it.
Good luck!


  • Kralzar
    Finally figured out my concept. Was bored at work and doodled this sketch out.
    I like the idea of going old school big huge traditional mace. Throwing in the demonic theme. Having the mace itself containing the demons within and having them peeling back the layers of metal to reveal the demons inside as they try to get out.

    heres the quicky one off..


    Been a long time since using Z-brush. So i deceided to go straight into Z-spheres. This was just to shake the cobwebs off and get into the feel of it.


    Looking forward to making the blank then doing this up properly.
  • Kralzar
    Update on my blank i'm working on. Concepting as I go.

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  • TaylorMouse
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    TaylorMouse polycounter lvl 10
    Loving it!!

  • AimBiZ
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    AimBiZ polycounter lvl 10
  • Kralzar
    Thanks for the encouraging words Taylor and Aim!
    Latest update, I cleaned the blank up and its all ready for Zbrush. Looking forward to sculpting this out.

  • Grampz
    ah that's gotta be one huge ball of pain! Getting hit by that thing and it tearing away flesh with a bite! This is looking so amazing I barely know what to do with myself. It reminds me of a Warhammer Squig, but not too much.

    Are you gonna tie the tongues to the collar of the mace?

    Anywho, amazing stuff.
  • Kralzar
    Thanks Grampz! Glad you are liking it. I'm getting pretty excited now. Everything is all in Zbrush and i'm rdy to get my sculpt on.

    Here she is all primed and rdy to go in Zbrush.

  • BlvdNights
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    BlvdNights polycounter lvl 8
    Loving the mouth!
  • the_rabid_rabbit
    that is one fine kick ass looking mace you have got there :D
  • jmt
    Most people wouldn't be able to make such a round design this cool looking. Good luck sculpting.
  • glenatron
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    glenatron polycounter lvl 9
    Daaaiiiim! This is very cool. Definitely very unique, and feels lovely and bulky. Looking forward to seeing the sculpt
  • Kralzar
    Thanks everyone for all the support! Cranked out a long night of sculpting. Still got a ways to go. Hoping to finish the sculpt this week so I can bake and have a good week to fiddle with texturing.

    Here is the result of Day 1 sculpting.

  • Kralzar
    Grampz - havn't totally decided on how to handle the tie of the tongue. I figure for now it might be strung together with leather and metal rings.
  • Kralzar
    Day 2 of sculpting.. mostly worked on the smaller mouth and the hand. Established the transition through the horn from once face to the other. Hand was/is giving some trouble. I feel like the detail is too small in it? Either that Or i just need to refine the forms further so it pops more. Might try and see if just increasing the size helps. It will need to be addressed though again at some point.

    In any case, heres the result of day 2.
  • D4V1DC
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    D4V1DC polycounter lvl 13
    Love It!
    Don't make the details so small, that's what is killing a lot of entries. IMO, also based on what I've seen mentioned.
  • Kralzar
    Thx for the tip $!nz, I'm thinking the major details are a good size. The hand/fingers are what are throwing it off for me, they are def way too small.
  • Kralzar
    Important day in my sculpt today, messing with a few ideas. I kinda liked the idea of incorporating the fingers from the hand into a face that can be seen from the top of the mace. Removing the spikes. I think the spikes needed to go due to the poly limit... which I guess I should start thinking about a bit now lol.

    Also not sold on the rune placement... lots of WIP/concepting on the fly. So please any crit/sfeedback etc are more then welcomed.


  • Kralzar
    Kinda messed around with my material seperation to help me clue in. Dropped a bunch of extra detail I was messin with. I'm pretty happy with the way everything is at top for now, minus more refinement. Would like to add more shape to the blades at the top. make them more darksiders. Time to address what's goin on at the bottom for now though.

  • Kralzar
    Latest update, Should be mostly done the sculpt tomorrow... then on to the lowpoly.. scarrrrryyy....

  • EiGHT
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    EiGHT polycounter lvl 8
    I must say.This is very hard to read from a distance and from what iv heard, it shouldn't be.I feel you should tinker with the sculpt more, getting it readable from a distance.
  • Stinkhorse
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    Stinkhorse polycounter lvl 8
    Wow that beast looks like it should hit like a truck! Good luck on the low poly! I know you're super far along, but have you thought about making those rivets a little larger? They seem a little fine for the art style.
  • Kralzar
    Didn't get as far as I hoped.. but still got some good time left... Wish work didnt get in the way of all this.. it's been too much fun! lol.

    I have a taken the crits to heart about my detail.. I removed some and started making it a bit more readable from a distance.

    I have a question about which you like better? the blade and the staff are diff in both pictures. I feel the clean staff fits well with the steel at the top. I'm not sure about the blade either. So any thoughts ideas please let me know :-)

    I'll be taking tomorrow to finish my sculpt. I also am wondering about UV Space... even if I do get a good low poly going. Should I just Sym the damage? to save UV space? I feel like this would sort of be boring to see the same dmg marks on all the blades etc.

    In any case here is the result so far. I just noticed the normal are flipped on one of the tools I didn't sculpt yet in these images:-D

    P.S. special thanks to Mathew-O... check out his wicked sculpt. He has a real nice shader there for this metal. Here is his forum link

  • Stinkhorse
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    Stinkhorse polycounter lvl 8
    My vote is for the clean staff and little spike added to the upper blades. You're right about the metal working better than the wood, and really with something as heavy as that demon orb looks like it should be, you'd want something sturdy holding it up. As for the blade spike, the top version feels like the blade is a sort of after thought. The little spike reminds you that it's there and that it's going to mean business if you're on the receiving end of it.
  • Kralzar
    Well, this is where i'm leaving the sculpt to move on to the low-poly now. I'm leaving the dmg off for now. I need to see how this Lowpoly goes and what my UV layout will be like a bit before I determine how to apply the damage. Also need to figure out the teeth before I commit any time to them.

    Prob address and tweak a few things again at some point. But it's time to move on.. I notice the top of the blade is a tiny bit wobbly.. or doesn't have the nice line it should.

  • Kralzar
    Anyone know how to change my actual forum link to say Mace? I can't seem to find it, unless a moderator has to do it?

    I changed my title to say Mace. but it does not update the thread.

  • Habboi
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    Habboi sublime tool
    Title just changes the title of your post, not the thread title. You'll have to PM a moderator like Adam. I don't think it matters anyway since we're posting our finals in a new thread for each weapon category.
  • Kralzar
    ahh ok cool, thanks Habboi!
  • 011010
    Phat dude! i sat back in my chair when i saw this in the shared wip thread! Keep it up man :)
  • Kralzar
    Thanks 011010! Glad you enjoyed the sculpt.

    finished the low today, for the most part. Minus any changes when i'm attempting to bake.

    here's a look at it. The top is without the high res. The below has the grey highres, with the red outlines of the lowpoly.

    I'm a bit over, but I think it should be reasonably within budget. if 1,500 is for axe/hammer/mace and scythes are approx 2k.

    It's kind of hard to see whats going on I guess in this image. More to come with the bake though... hopefully it turns out.

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  • grisQwin
    this work is my personal favorite!
    a masterpiece should not be lost because of the extra hundreds of polygons.
    I think, maybe you can limit policount in the mouth and teeth.
  • Kralzar
    thank GrisQwin. I was really happy with the sculpt.

    Unfortunately I didn't get the bake/tri's I needed to really make this work at the Tri-count.
    Here is the result for my submission though.. I did make sure I finsihed it regardless.

    I will revisit this a somepoint to make sure it gets the love it deserves.

    This comp was great for gettin me back into making lowpoly and baking aain. Thanks Polycount and thanks Bobo and the Vigil/THQ crew for making this happen.
  • Kralzar
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