[CE3] Beach Bar Environment

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Hey guys!

Just thought I'd make a thread for a scene I'm working on. I'll update this regularly to show progress and to show you guys what I'm working on.

It's a scene based on this really nice piece of concept art by Tuomas Korpi. I'm not sure exactly what the concept was intended for, but I love it :D

Please note however, this concept is merely inspiration, and I'm not intending to re-create it exactly. It just spurred me on to create a similar environment!


I am also learning Cryengine whilst making this scene, so it's going to be a long process. My ultimate aim with this project is to properly learn Cryengine, and so far I'm loving it. It's such a powerful engine!

I wanted to just dive in and learn Cryengine and put down a few props I made, but I think I need to take a step back and plan the island out a bit. I'll hopefully detail a lot of this island and make it a really immersive, exploration-type environment that you guys can play.

Here are a few shots of what I have so far.



And a few props I've made so far:





And I started making a bit of foliage too. Still very WIP! Need to explore the CE2 foliage a bit more :D

I'll hopefully have regular updates here for you guys, but it is kinda hard to find the time to work after working 9-5.30!

Any crits or suggestions, fire away!

Edit - Here's the latest update after a few months work. Thanks to everyone who helped!



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