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Okay about me:

In september 2011 I started studying Digital arts and entertainment here in Belgium.
My main focus was programming, something I have done for a couple of years now, but the 3D bug got to me, and I just love modelling and texturing.
So there is a good chance I might shift my focus towards that over the coming months and years.

I like critiques, I'd prefer people pointing out all the mistakes and flaws, then just going "it looks good" or "it looks bad", so feel free to be harsh, but keep it construcive :)

I'm going to start off with 2 things for now:

First is the first assignment we got, it's a bit "akward" since it's basicly useless outside of the renders, because the assignment was to make a vehicle in 3dsmax using only primitives and a couple of modifiers (bend, taper, etc).


Second one is the assignment for the examens:
-Make a low poly cityscene (aiming for HL2 quality, but ofcourse it always turns out a bit higher in terms of models, since HL2 if you look back at it is really low poly :p)

-Only Diffuse & Opacity textures.
-Use tileable textures

I learned a ton doing this, the only downside is, there is still tons of work to do, and I have to hand it in on thursday (about 5 days from now), so with my current schedule it's kind of to late to go back and fix some things.
Same if I get some critiques, I can fix some things in the textures/Mesh etc, but it's a bit to late to go back and change the layout/etc.

Luckily, I have a bunch of props ready, only got to finish up the textures here and there and then place them in.

Bad thing: I kinda left some things unfinished to finish later, so now as a consequence, nothing is finished, and there are a lot of unfished/bad parts that I have to go and fix/redo/finish.

(and yes the tree sucks atm)

And a quick youtube clip of an old version:
[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TohTztZE8hM"]DAE 3D1 Cityscene final. - YouTube[/ame]
(color are really washed out tough, for some reason in the clip).

Goals for the coming weeks:
-Finish the cityscene.
-Try to do a lot of free work.
-Make props and maybe do some more complicated models.
-Work on Unwrapping/proper uv layouts.
-Work on getting better meshes.
-Do a lot of work on texturing (less photo-material, etc).


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