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At last, I release something with polygons in it!

new app, iBath. No website for this one, just a product page. http://dadako.com/projects/ibath

Was fun to do the videos:

[ame=" - YouTube[/ame]

[ame=" - YouTube[/ame]

Building the app took about 2 weeks, so just a simple one this time. Aimed at people with iPads and kids.

I'm actually running fullscreen AA x2 on the iPad2 and iPhone4S versions with 1024x1024 lightmaps. The ducks have a normal mapped channel which is supported on all devices but really brought down in size for the 3GS.

The bath is 298 tris, each duck is 632 tris.

The iPad2 can handle 45 ducks before it starts to slow down to under 15 FPS (this is locked for each hardware model, 3GS is about 25 ducks.) - although I think this is because of the physics calls, if there was no physics interaction, I'm sure this could be a lot higher. The rigidbody cage for each duck is super low poly and not visible to the camera.

So, without slowing down the iPad2 & 4S can push 28,738 Tris PLUS particle effects (probably around 100 tris at any given time) with high rez textures and fullscreen antialiasing. Oh and the water! (11,264 Tris) So roughly 40,000 tris in the scene at maximum.

Any other questions I'll be happy to answer. now go buy the app! :poly142:


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