Normal Map Artifacts in Maya.

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I've been set a project in university to model/texture a low-poly character using Maya, and Zbrush for normals.

I'm having a problem with creating the normal maps for the model, I have tried a number of ways to create these maps (export from Zbrush and Mudbox, and use Transfer Maps in Maya) but always get a really strange and hideous result. I've put it down to something being wrong with the model or rendering setup (although I have tried Maya software, hardware and mental ray) at a wild guess, since there cannot be something at fault with all the normal maps I've tried, but I have no idea where I might be going wrong, or where to start looking. Any help is massively appreciated. Heres examples of 2 of my attempts to use normal maps.



I feel that I may be missing something embarrassingly obvious here.


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