[Portfolio] Tim Spanjer – Environment Artist

Hey everyone!
I’m updating my website and would appreciate any feedback that you might have.



  • gauss
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    gauss polycounter lvl 12
    here's some feedback. we're an artist community, why not put a picture in your thread so i dont close the window? i have no idea if i am about to look at some stuff that is going to knock my socks off or some scrubby 19 year old's first max renders. no idea at all. my typical response when i come into a thread like this is "well he didn't take any effort to invite me in, so what effort does he deserve in response?"

    come on people i see this too often
  • Gooner442
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    Gooner442 polycounter lvl 6
    If I was designing a website I'd do it like that!.. very quick, simple to navigate, nice work too!.. now for the crits....

    ... in 'about' where you have the quick links at the bottom they all say 'linkedin' when you hover on them... :poly124: ....however I doubt such an error will cost you a job, good luck!
  • Clark Coots
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    Clark Coots polycounter lvl 7
    I think for the walkthrough UDK videos, really think if you need the gun/HUD in there. I find it distracting and would prefer just to see your work alone. Sure there was some physics in there but meh not enough to warrant that bulky scifi gun in a rundown street scene, just seemed awkward to me. Other than that I like the format of your site, its good, and your work looks great.
  • Nerf Bat Ninja
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    Nerf Bat Ninja polycounter lvl 8
    Solid work man. I really like the work you have, I just wish you had more of it. The alley and middle eastern stuff is nice, as are some of the props.

    I probably wouldn't keep the sci-fi thing at the end if you could replace it with something new, your port would be a lot stronger. You can see MASSIVE improvements from your newer works.

    That's my two cents anyway.

    Love the simple layout, nice display as soon as you go to the site, you're slapped in the face with art. Which is ideal.

    I'd also say to add your name and contact info like your URL or email address to each image on your site, because hiring cats apparently will often times just save an image that they like, and without that info included, they might not be able to find you again / forget where it came from.
  • Jet_Pilot
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    Jet_Pilot polycounter lvl 10
    Your sites really easy to use, and you can get to your stuff quick, so good job on that.

    I'm not sure how many polys your pushing with your Middle Eastern hut but I think you can add some more around where the plaster/stucco are broken off... like this http://wallwritings.files.wordpress.com/2010/05/jabra-house1.jpg

    The ally scene looks nice and your assets all fit, but your light doesn't support your light sources. You should be using spot lights for your lights instead of point lights. Your street lights and accent door way lamps all point down. Your GI color is too blue. If i were you I would add a Sun (Moon) light to your scene and set the intensity to kind of low (.25) and try and come up with some cool shadows. Light mass woks better with a dominate light source, but thats just MHO.

    The tire looks good, but the lettering on the side doesn't come across in the render or the normal map. If you want to model them with free floating geometry make sure you make the sides like this. http://wiki.polycount.com/NormalMap?highlight#Modeling_The_High-Poly_Mesh

    That is all
  • timspanjer
    Gooner – thanks for noticing that. It’s been corrected.

    Coots7 – I totally agree about the UDK videos. I'll focus on capturing some new videos of the maps.

    Nerf Bat Ninja – thanks for the feedback

    Jet_Pilot – I agree about the stucco areas on the building. This problem is not as noticeable when the asset is placed in the level. Maybe I should put some images of that online too. Thank you for the helpful links and the feedback on lighting. Much appreciated!
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