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So I've decided to enter again a workshop. I know I didn't finished the last one... but I'm thinking that by actually starting a new hard surface modeling workshop, that it might get me to finish the last one too. At the moment I'm more interested in organic modeling and sculpting, but I do like hard surface modeling too. Things are going to be different with this one... at least for me... So you all know by now the program VoidWorld. I really like the way this program grew on the hard work of the developers and the indispensable critique and ideas from fellow polycounters. So I'm going to test drive it with this project. So all of the modeling will be done within the program. So far I just blocked out all the objects so I can get things to fit the way they looked in the reference. I still have some things to move maybe. After that I'm going to start on making the object high-poly. So here is what I have for now:


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