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Hi everyone :)

newto3d asked to see a bit about my workflow a long time ago and I am sorry to say I got stuck in Comicon and totally forgot. I put together this little image last night and I hope it helps. I am not saying it is the best way of working, in fact I doubt it is, but it is how I am going about stuff at the moment and will no doubt change as I get more experience. Anyone out there who cares enough to give me extra tips and advice I am all ears. My sole aim as an artist is to continually improve myself and inspire others (if possible)

This is how I went about creating the Dr Baron for my Comicon entry. It was supposed to be about my CHERRY "Zombie ate my pants" character but I deleted a heap of my early work in the great clean up of some time last week.


and some of the results.





Thanks for looking if you did :)

and sorry newto3d for taking so long but I hope this helps.


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