fenrir motorcycle

hey polycount, Im a long time lurker who finally decided to get in on all of this fun.
So a long time ago I modeled the fenrir motorcycle from the advent children movie to get some hadsurface practice but now Ive come back to it and would like to see if I can finish it up with a lowpoly bake and such. but first i would like to revisit the high poly and see if fix some of the stuff that i goofed up. I have a pretty sweet toy model of this guy sitting on my desk which I have been using as reference. The problem with the toy model is that some of its details differ a lot from the model used in the movie, so Ive mostly just used the toy as the definitive reference on this. I know that Im missing a lot of grooves and seams in the high poly, my plan for this was to add them in after the bake using ndo.
and my reference. now I don't actually have a camera available to me right now so I couldn't take any good pictures of the toy, instead I looked online for some shots of it. Im not so sure that any of these are terribly useful but these will have to do until i can get my camera back.

so anyways let me know if you see anything fugly with my model so I can fix it. also do any of you guys have a special way of presenting your highpoly models? im using xoliul right now but I feel like im missing out on some neat trick.


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