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Hey all,

I posted this a little while back in WAYWO, but I figured id make a new thread for it.

So, like the title suggests, I'm making a Jet Bike of sorts.

Here is the initial sketch I made for it:


Progress on the engine so far:


Low after AO/NM bake:

I decided that for this project it would be fun to think about how this bike may be constructed if some slight customization and/or upgrading was a factor. Specifically, if you could upgrade your jet engine to a better/faster model. So I came up with this:

This is the blockout. I figured out the proportions that I would have compared to the biped.

On the left is the bike hull, and what is basically an empty slot for a turbine to be attached. The right shows the engine compared to the body. I decided that the engine should be about 2 meters long and .5 meters diameter to fit nicely into the any other engines should match this sizing. Also, other bike bodies should/would fit this size as well.

Also, for fun, here is the low poly jet attached to the bike. Ignore the crazy colors:


Going to be sportin' the xoliul shader 2. Not a whole lot going on yet, but I'm looking forward to seeing what results I can get.

I'm wanting to make this a portfolio piece, so I'd definitely like to make this look as good as I possibly can. Looking for critiques/comments/etc!


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