Sketchbook: Oranghe

Hello Polycount!

I have been watching and learning for a little while now from this community and i am very happy to finally start posting and becoming a more active part of the 3D world and games industry!

I've just been introduced to 3D and Maya over the summer so this is my first few models and textures, i will be going into my 2nd year of uni where we will be starting 3D so my sketchbook will be updated with the work i will be doing there.
My 1st year i was introduced to Photoshop so also trying to improve that.

I have a very good teacher in the form of Razorb! i try to leech as much off him as possible hehe and i owe almost any progress i have to him. I am also his proud and lucky girlfriend and i hope to get the most out of learning as possible to work with him in games in the future. :)


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