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Hello! As of now I am only a beginner in 3D art, but I want to stretch my abilities all the time. I'll just start off with my first WIP models, made in Maya 2012. I really want peoples tips and help, so that I can become more diverse in my skills (and know what I'm doing more :D). Thanks.

Here is my WIP Super Kriss SMG - I need help with the poly structure and the attachment rails right now:

And here is my most recent model, a bolt action Sniper rifle (I don't know the name of it) - I haven't had any trouble with this one so far, but any tips are still welcome of course:

I'm not really at the level of character modeling yet, but I want to get to that point. Thats all for now, but I will post more of my stuff later.



  • AsherOS
    Well, I downloaded Sculptris and gave it a try. This..."thing" is what I came up with. this is literally the first thing I made when I opened the software, so tell me what you think.

  • DeeKei
    I'm loving the general design of the creature. One advice I could say is its form needs to be clearer. I havent used sculptris yet, but if you can put it in siloutte mode, do it and then rotate the creature around. See if you can identify the sections of the creature just from the siloutte and make adjustments. From what I can see, you could accentuate the neck more and move the wings back abit. Hopoe that helps :)
  • Serenity4art
    the creature you did in sculptris is pretty cool. If you are just starting to learn 3d, I would suggest to load up on tons of tutorials. Follow them to completion, its the fastest way to learn. there are several sites out there that offer training materials including this very site.

  • AsherOS
    Well, I'm currently enrolled in a 10 week course at the Gnomon School for Digital Arts. My class is the "Intro to 3D" class, where we are working in Maya, so I think I have a good place to learn from. But for programs other then Maya, I will definitely take your advice. Thanks!
  • Serenity4art
    the gnomon workshop is a great place, you will learn a lot, best of luck.
  • AsherOS
    Thanks for the comments:poly121: I ran into a rather annoying problem with my Sniper model: sooo, when I first started the model I moved it on the +x axis and after working on it like that for a while (saving, closing Maya etc.) the movement translations say the the position it's at is 0,0,0 but it isn't at the center of any axis. So, my question is: how do I reset the translations so that it is at the center again?

    Also, here is a little compilation of some of my old 3D art. All of these were made in Silo 2.1, and are from 1-2 years old I think.

    That's it for now. I have my class in about 12 1/2 hours now, so, I'm going to bed. Cheers!
  • AsherOS
    Since I'm not in the full program at Gnomon right now (only a 10 week course in Maya) does anyone know of good resources for learning how to do Texturing? I have experience in PS, but I've only been able to texture models with REALLY simple UV's, as well as not being the best at maing all the different kinds of maps (e.g. Normal maps, specular etc.). I'm looking for videos or something like that. also I will be posting pictures of my Gnomon project along the way.
  • AsherOS
    Here is a drawing I did today at the sculpture garden in UCLA. Please critique! critique!! critique!!!

    Sorry I didn't scan it, but I just wanted to get it up.
  • AsherOS
    Here is some progress on one of the rooms I have to make for my class.

    It is a control room, inspired by NASA and the Bat-Cave. By the way, the big sphere in the middle is supposed to be a hologram. Tell me what you think!
  • Frankyh
    Hey there,this is Frankyh,glad to join this forum and glad to meet you here,I look forward to getting some inspiration and getting to know all of you.
  • AsherOS
    Here is a WIP living room for class.
  • AsherOS
    Here is a Pistol I made

    Taurus 24/7 OSS Pistol: Render-Materials only.
  • AsherOS
    WIP sci-fi pistol

  • AsherOS
    I am remaking the Super Kriss Vector SMG. I hated the polygon structure of that first model. Also, my work is in a pack for the FPSC Game engine - here is the WIP thread
  • AsherOS
    Here is a Mk12 Mod 0 sniper rifle I made for the model pack, it has yet to be textured by the founder of the pack.

    Ambient Occlusion Render:

    Critique please!
  • Baron Flame
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    Baron Flame polycounter lvl 9
    Nice work.
    First it's good to see that you have some really well developed traditional sketching skills.
    Second, as far as your latest render goes, it may just be me but I think muzzle is a bit short ( it may be cuz of the angle of the shot but I just wanted to point it out. As such I don't see any other issues with it. :thumbup:
  • anayar
    " it has yet to be textured by the founder of the pack."
    I wonder who that would be??

    Its GREAT running into you on these forums mate! Come on MSN more, we need to talk. Anyways, some good stuff here ;) Are you considering releasing the models you made in Silo?? Id be interested in rigging them to the stock fpsc biped if you are willing.

    Anyways, yeah, Ill get to texturing the sniper. Just got to finish the Assault Rifles first!

  • AsherOS
    I'll see what I can do anayar. whenever I go MSN, your not online. I think we have different life schedules.
  • AsherOS
    Here is a UH60 Black Hawk Helicopter that I modeled. It took me awhile, because my normal school has started in addition to my Gnomon Classes.

    Material Render:

    Ambient Occlusion Render:

    This may or may not be in the FPSC model pack I mentioned earlier.
  • AsherOS
    Ok, Here is a vehicle that is an entity in my final project in my Gnomon Maya class. It is an APC type of vehicle. However, I dearly need help with something. I don't know how to mirror the different pieces of the vehicle (such as head lights) on the world axis, instead of the edge of the object. I hope that question makes sense, and please tell me if you have an answere or idea. anyways, here is what I have so far. FYI, this is not the set up of the final scene, just the vehicle asset alone.


    Normal Render:

    Ambient Occlusion:

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