Eel Warrior...or something

Hey guys

So my buddy Adam Tazi came up with an interesting concept for some competition. He isn't done with it I don't believe, but I was looking for a nice organic model to do and I figured I'd give this little guy a go. I haven't seen the updated one yet, so not sure if anything else has changed.

Check his other work out here!

Here's the progress


To clarify my own personal mistakes I've made thus far, his hands are far too large/head is too small, and I'm also veering off the concept on the head. I originally thought his character was based off of a Moray Eel, so i researched that and tried to extract some detail from those guys. Turns out he's actually based off of a Gulper Eel, so I can either A) go with my design or B) fully realize his much as I like my head, I'll probably go with B

slight update, just posed him real quick and showing off the reference texture i got so far with a overlay bump


  • [SF]Three9
    Thanks Saso! glad to hear you like plan A :D...I kinda agree about it looking alien; something was throwing me off on the concept but i couldnt put my finger on it, and I think that was it.

    I think i fixed what you were talking about with the belly. I was going to repose him out and post renders, but the pose tools in Mudbox are freaking out; the body won't hold a pose. Everytime i pose him and go to create a new joint, it reverts to half of the pose, yet the frills and eyes stay in place, I don't get it :(

    anyway here is a slight update..still gotta resize and detail the hand, but pretty close to being done I think, then onto the low poly and the real texture

  • Cooljay
    Colors seem way too off from the original concept. Try to eye drop general samples of color from the concept when painting.
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