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Modular Dungeon Set

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jeremiah_bigley polycounter lvl 12
ugh! I guess I am done. Still figuring out how I want to display my textures... but I figured I would go ahead and get this up here. This was some work I did for 3docean. You can go and buy this over there. Here is a link to my collection.


I hope you guys like this. I learned a lot. First hand painted texture attempt as well as my first modular attempt. I would do it differently the next time around.

And for those of you asking about my texture.... You can find them on my very WIP portfolio website.






  • jeremiah_bigley
  • Hayden Zammit
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    Hayden Zammit polycounter lvl 12
    Looks great man.

    I like how you used normals even though you've gone for that hand painted look. I didn't think people used normals for that style too often.
  • iniyan
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    iniyan polycounter lvl 8
    Overall it looks amazing.

    I think renders is too contrast...I coundn't see all the details u have on your textures. It will be great if u show some texture pages...

    Awesome work !!!!
  • PogoP
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    PogoP polycounter lvl 10
    Could we see some texture sheets? It looks great but it's all so high poly.. Creating an environment out of these pieces would take the polycount through the roof.

    I'm particularly interested to see how you did the 'dead end' sections. Does that use one texture, or does it use multiple material IDs?
  • slave_one
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    slave_one polycounter lvl 18
    Looks damn solid. Can you say what you would do differently next time around. Or the most important thing to do differently?
  • jeremiah_bigley
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    jeremiah_bigley polycounter lvl 12
    heh I was being lazy on the texture sheets... I was going to wait until putting them up on my website to create them but already it seems in high demand.

    I will see about creating some texture sheets.
    And glad you like it otherwise guys :)

    PogoP - The dead end texture was on a 2048 x 2048 and a 1024 x 1024 The whole piece was mirrored. The wood piece in back was on the 1024 and the rest was on the 2048.

    As for polycount I was particularly looking at games people are playing just recently... for example Diablo 3. I think a lot of their dungeon's/environments are about the same if not higher in polycount, And mine don't even have 30+ monsters on screen simultaneously. lol So I disagree that they are too highpoly. I think it is justifiable. ;)

  • jeremiah_bigley
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    jeremiah_bigley polycounter lvl 12
    slave_one - I wouldn't sculpt as much as I did. I sculpted too many bricks individually. When I should have only done 20 maybe and then just arranged them in Max.

    I also wouldn't have made the corner pieces different sizes. Due to the concave corner being half of what the rest of the pieces were... I had to create a special piece to fill in small gaps here and there when creating the level.

    I also don't know if I would have done the "teeth" that connect each piece. It helps with seams... but it ups the polycount. And made it to where I couldn't mirror pieces. D: So I had to create another special piece that had identical teeth on both sides to connect into certain pieces like the dead end... and the room.

    This project was also a real eye opener to what you could do without highpoly. Next time I might not have even sculpted anything. I ended up sculpting because I was not comfortable with my handpainting skills to be able to start from scratch.

    Glad you like it though :)
  • teaandcigarettes
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    teaandcigarettes polycounter lvl 12
    Damn, that looks amazing jeremiah! You owe me now a new pair of pants.

    I only wish that you had done more angled pieces. At the moment, the layout has that, square,"modular" feel to it.
  • slave_one
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    slave_one polycounter lvl 18
    teaandcigarettes ^^ that will be MDS expansion set 1 of course!!

    Thanks for the elaborate answer jeremiah. That gives some more insight. Nice to work from sculpt to handpaint. I am still at that point btw I guess ... I fear the hand paint. Never gave it a real serious try though. I hope this sells well!

    (looking forward to MDS expansion set 1 !!)
  • tinokun
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    tinokun polycounter lvl 11
    This is awesome! Thanks for sharing!
  • Cody
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    Cody polycounter lvl 15
    This is fantastic work. Shows your texture painting skills, and knowledge of a modular workflow. Beautiful. True game art.

    I see this being used for an awesomely stylized FPS-style dungeon crawler, less of a Diablo isometric game. A fly through video would be awesome.
  • yodude87
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    yodude87 polycounter lvl 5
    how does the grate (sewer thingy) on the floor behave in-game? is it one single texture (hole and grate), or is it modelled hole + grate?

    you could use something like bump offset in UE3... which lets you use two textures that move at a different pace as you pass by, giving you the feeling its modelling work :)
  • Anuxinamoon
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    Anuxinamoon polycounter lvl 14
    I really like this! The first thing I said to myself though was "Why the teeth bricks on the edges? Seems like a excess amount of polies as you can just make the texture seamless. Though normal map seams may appear."
    But at least you tried it and saw the benefits and mistakes. Valuable information and learning!
  • Jeremy Tabor
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    Jeremy Tabor polycounter lvl 13
    This.. is cool. :)

    Will the player have the option to zoom in down to ground level? thats the only which I think they could appreciate the detail you put into this. But regardless, Good job. I wanna play Guantlet :shifty:
  • n88tr
    why is everything in triangles? why do you do that?
  • brandoom
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    brandoom polycounter lvl 13
    Wowwww, so much winnage here.

    Very nice work Jeremiah. Quite inspiring :)
  • Ani
    Fantastic stuff! I'm a sucker for dungeon gamey things :)
  • Stinger88
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    Stinger88 polycounter
    Awesome stuff. Brings a tear to my eye remembering the awesomeness that was Dungeon Keeper.
  • Ferg
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    Ferg polycounter lvl 17
    really nice work jeremiah!
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    POFFINGTON polycounter lvl 11
    After picking my jaw up off the floor. This is AMAZING! MUST SEE MORE!
  • BadgerBaiter
    Really liking those dungeon walls :D

    Looks sweet as hell man!
  • Ryan Smith
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    Ryan Smith polycounter lvl 11
    Can i be jealous now?
  • System
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    System admin
    Loving the high poly work and some cool textures too! Looks like you could make a nice dungeon master clone with a bit more work, planning on going the full 9 yards?
  • hollywood-north
    This is awesome. I would play this game so hard.
  • ScoobyDoofus
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    ScoobyDoofus polycounter lvl 19
    I want to play this game! Heh. Nice work! Really like the style you've established here, and you've pretty clearly gotten the modularity thing down.

    I was curious, so I went over to 3D Ocean to see what the deal is there...I was a bit dismayed to see how poorly stuff seems to sell. Not yours in particular, but assets in general. There seems to be only one guy there who's making good money, and thats from a massive collection of HDR light probes. I calculated based on his sales, the prices for the items, the total value of his efforts there is around $50,000...minus whatever cut 3D Ocean takes. Everybody else it seems are lucky to walk away with a couple hundred bucks spread out over months.
  • cholden
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    cholden polycounter lvl 18
    I want to build levels with this! It's beautiful, and looks fun to work with. If I didn't have the expenses I have now, I'd buy just to release an example game of what could be created with it. Thanks for sharing.
  • Samfisher84
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    Samfisher84 polycounter lvl 9
    wow really awsome
  • JobyeK
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    JobyeK polycounter lvl 13
    It was great waking up and seeing this. Great work!
  • MeintevdS
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    MeintevdS keyframe
    Oh that looks amazing! Go turn this into a working game, looks like something I'd love to play.
  • n88tr
    was wondering what the deal was with all of the triangulation?
    it looks like you have some great quads but choose to have most everything in tris
  • synergy11
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    synergy11 polycounter lvl 6
    Nice sculpts!

    As far as the longer wall piece goes...

    How did you manage the HP?

    Was each brick assembled in max?

    How many poly's per brick?

    And for the circular pillar piece. Did you bend the bricks in max?

    Thanks for your help!

  • jeremiah_bigley
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    jeremiah_bigley polycounter lvl 12
    Wow... Thanks guys! Really glad you like it!

    teaandcigarettes - I really wish I had been given more time to do angled pieces. I had to meet a dead line and was only required to create a certain number of pieces. So anything extra was at my own expense. I do agree though that everything is a bit too square feeling. Though just as slave_one was saying... if it actually sells decently I might consider doing an expansion. ;)

    - Yeah I hope so too. :( Don't know how many people really need a dungeon though. lol I will do an expansion if it does sell well. And hand painting gets easier and easier the more you do it. I also think it teaches you a lot when it comes to texturing.

    tinokun - Thanks! :)

    Cody - Really glad you like it and thank you for the compliments! You know it is funny that you mention the dungeon crawler thing because right after I put this up on 3docean I was contacted by someone looking to pay me to work for him... to create more pieces for a dungeon crawler. lol Don't know if I would have time for a fly through though. :/

    yodude87 - it was modeled. So in game it would have a collision mesh that would allow the player to walk over it. You can see into it a little. Therefore you get that little bit of parallaxing going on.

    Anuxinamoon - yeah the normal map seam was one of the main things I was worried about. I am pretty sure I wouldn't do that the next time. lol

    Robat - lol! thank you! :) I guess this was made for whatever type of game the person buying it would want to make. The textures were painted large enough to support it.

    n88tr - Dang man... you wanted to know so bad that you had to post twice asking me? Well Triangles become relevant once taking something into a game... and it doesn't seem based off of your website that you have ever taken anything all the way through the lowpoly process. In game triangles display and render fast. So game engines were built on this idea. So when we make lowpoly assets it doesn't matter if triangulated as in a game engine, quads don't exist. So when you export your model to a game engine it converts everything into triangles. So what you are seeing is a wireframe shot from the Marmoset Toolbag. And displaying your lowpoly model as triangles can also show people that you are paying attention to which direction you are turning your tris. Which is something that some people tend to ignore.

    brandoom - You know I have been called a lot of things but I don't think people call me inspiring. lol Glad you think so man :)
    Nerf Bat Ninja - well... twice in a row. lol Thanks man! :D

    Ani - :) Awesome! I am glad I could sucker you into to liking this then lol :P

    - Never played... hmmm. >.> Glad you like it though :)

    Ferg - Wow Thank you man! You have really nice work as well ;)

    POFFINGTON - lol Well I don't know if there is going to be anymore dungeon stuff coming... but I will be updating my WIP thread with a new project very soon. SHAMELESS PLUG :/ lol
    BadgerBaiter - I think I am more of a fan of the floors :) Thank you btw. :D

    Virtuosic - No. lol

    GCMP - I think this is as far as I am taking it unless it really sells on 3docean then I might do an expansion of some sort.... Because I really wanted to do stairs. :/ Glad you like everything though :)

    hollywood-north - I wouldn't suggest it... it has a shitty story. lol Glad you like it :)

    ScoobyDoofus - well... I think what it comes down to is your target audience. Who comes to this site? Well... probably a lot of people doing architecture. Which is why you have an abundance in things like highpoly furniture and HDRs... Yeah I think it is pretty amazing what that HDR guy is making and he has his life set. Though the reason this dungeon project was done was to widen their target audience. I got on 3docean figuring I could make a little bit of extra cash (mainly to support my energy drink addiction :/). So I uploaded a couple of lowpoly models made a little bit of money and was then approached by someone who worked there asking me if I wanted to help them get some more lowpoly stuff on their site. Thus... here we are. :) And I have possibly increased their audience/traffic for lowpoly guys by exposing them more over here on polycount. But you know... it really becomes addictive. The more time you put into 3docean the more you get out of it. Yeah... I have only made a couple hundred dollars over a period of a year... but I have also hardly uploaded anything.
    Also consider... how many people really need a modular dungeon set? lol it is really specific. I think it really is more of a want if people were to buy it. My treasure chest has actually sold the most out of all the of my other pieces... go figure.
    And! 3docean is still a relatively new site. It has only been around since late 2008. I hope to build up a lot of items on there so at some point I am making a small paycheck every month.

    cholden - I wish you would lol... it would help me with my expenses :D Really glad you like it!

    Samfisher84 - Thanks :D

    deceiver - Glad I could bring some joy to your morning? lol :)

    MeintevdS - You know there is a guy contacting me about some work to make a game with it... but I don't think it would be what you would have in mind. It would be something educational lol.

    n88tr - See previous response to you.

    synergy11 - Well as for the "longer wall piece" it was a bunch of smaller wall chunks. The bricks were sculpted in Zbrush then decimated down and taken into 3ds max. I then arranged them in there. The Pillar was started from a cylinder. I detached each face and shelled it, then took them into Zbrush for sculpting on. Hope that helps :O
  • jeremiah_bigley
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    jeremiah_bigley polycounter lvl 12
    BAM! yeah that was a lot... lol
  • megalmn2000
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    megalmn2000 polycounter lvl 13
    Inspiring! I love the art direction of your project! :)
  • Crylar
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    Crylar polycounter lvl 18
    This looks Awesome! :D
    I would go a far way too play something with a dungeon like this ^^
  • jeremiah_bigley
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    jeremiah_bigley polycounter lvl 12
    Awesome! Glad you guys like it! :)
    I just had to upgrade to a Pro account on Photobucket because I used up all my bandwidth which was supposed to bring back the pictures immediately... but they are still not there. I am looking into the issue and I am sorry if you guys can't see the pictures.
  • Perfectblue
    Photobucket bandwidth exceeded :(
  • Kevin Johnstone
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    Kevin Johnstone polycounter lvl 18
    I can see a lot of love went into this, turned out great. I'm not sold 100% on the brick texturing style, but thats probably more to do with my liking the hipoly versions and being used to expecting a different result.

    As a set though it seems to work really well and that Diablo style is just so cool to play with. Great work , keep having fun
  • OtrickP
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    OtrickP polycounter lvl 9
    Oomph! What a sight, im in love. Being a obsessive Diablo fan, this is a straight touchdown to my orgasma-parts. Soo nice, i love top-down games. Thanks for posting maps and such. What programs were used for modeling/Texture baking?
  • fiveways
    This is amazing dude, good work :) Definitely inspiring
  • TheMadArtist
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    TheMadArtist polycounter lvl 12
    Love seeing stuff like this, very inspirational!
  • Dragan
    The HighPoly's look awesome, and i really like what you ahve done with the dead end. I would love to see some of yoru texture maps for the dead end.
    Overall great work though.
    keep it up!
  • n88tr
    thanks for the explain
  • sgtmus
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    sgtmus polycounter lvl 12
    That is so awesome. I had a flashback to the board game Hero quest. One day, I would love to get as good as you.
  • G3L
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    G3L polycounter lvl 9
    :O love the texture work! interesting to see that this style of game you can add some more res and detail to it nowadays. good to see and know. in any case, good stuff!
  • jeremiah_bigley
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    jeremiah_bigley polycounter lvl 12
    Perfectblue - Yeah... that caught me off gaurd. Fixed now! ;) Upgraded to a Pro account.

    Kevin Johnstone - :) A lot of something went into it! I don't know if it was love though lol. I agree with you though on not being 100% sold on the walls. They flattened out a bit more than what I intended once the normals were cast. I could have maybe beveled the bricks out... or cut some of geometry in the lowpoly in to help deepen the look of the bricks, but is there anything else that maybe I could have done? I like the highpolys more as well and I am starting another project involving brick-like work and would love some insight into how to sell the depth a bit more. Thank you for the comment/compliments man!

    OtrickP - :D glad it could be something that you really enjoyed! I blocked out my meshes in max, damaged in Zbrush, and I decimated it down and cast my normals in max.

    fiveways - Thanks man! I am really glad you like it!

    TheMadArtist - Thanks! I will try to keep showing quality work :)

    Dragan - Glad you are digging it! I had told ppl on here that I was going to try and get some maps up, but time has really been tight lately and I am already cranking on my next project.

    sgtmus - lol thanks! well I just have been working my butt off for a really long time. Definitely not something that just happened. Just keep at it! There are tons of people that I hope to be as good as some day... so I just keep working.

    G3L - Yeah... it something that was kinda experimental for me, not saying it hasn't been done, I have just never done anything like it. This being the first time around I think it has a long way to go to be perfected. If you want to see someone who did a really amazing job of this style... Check THIS out. In any case man, glad you like it! :)
  • letronrael
    Wow man ... great work..!
  • Mr_Drayton
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    Mr_Drayton polycounter lvl 14
    A great piece of art. It's awesome, seriously.
  • SarahFaber
    Very nicely done! Hope you have time to post textures sometime soon; I would really like to see them!
  • Ashaman73
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    Ashaman73 polycounter lvl 6
    Awesome work. I love the painted look.

    Some of your renders have outlines, did you test it with some kind of cel/npr shaders ?
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