mudbox 2012! yaaaaaa....wait no that's a crash :(

Anyone else having problems with mudbox 2012? I'm having tons of crashes, and I've almost never had mudbox crash on me before. I'm really trying to narrow down what it could be, and I suppose I was trying to do something with PTEX for all the crashes, but something different is always being done during the crash.

Any idea of Ptex is just boned for the moment or is it mudbox or just me :(

I want to use it's awesomnesssssss


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    i'm running mudbox 2012 without any problems. even a viewport refresh bug from 2011 got fixed, yeah...

    no idea if anybody can help you, but you definitly need to narrow it down.
    does mudbox crash randomly or just at start of sessions or after certain steps you do all the time. does it just happen when you use ptex(i didn't try that yet..).

    and maybe a mudbox specific forum would suit better to get more responses, like the one on the area or mudboxHub.
  • [SF]Three9
    well, after doing some messing around, i established that one piece of geometry that was sculpted in 2011, is unable to be textured or sculpted above division level 3 (it has a total of 6) 3 and below I am able to sculpt and texture...after applying ptex and staying at 3 to texture, every time i try to load it back to 5 it's fine, but as soon as i hit 6 it always thinking it might just be some kind of 2011 to 2012 issue
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