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WIP: Rage Environment

polycounter lvl 9
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roosterMAP polycounter lvl 9
Hey, Im currently working on an environment influenced by the upcoming game "Rage." Im lookin for crit, advice, pointers... anything.


Also, the buildings in the background are not mine. They will be replaced soon enough.

You may recognize some of these assets from my rubble thread:

Its not finished yet, I still wanna add signs, traffic lights, cables, pipes, sidewalks...

But I think im on the right track.


  • Nemlet17
    Hey roosterMAP,

    This is looking pretty good so far. Can never beat post-apoc environments. Don't have time to look at it in-depth but down below I have a picture of 5 things I initially thought.

    1. Could be a place holder texture or not finished with it but I would say this is pretty low quality texture compared to the rest of the scene.

    2. Maybe still have some of the supports fully intact. Doesn't feel integrated at the moment. Variation seems to be key.

    3. I read that you were going to add street signs and stuff. Maybe add trash too. Liter (paper, cans, dirty boxes, maybe throw in a child's toy for effect, etc) is efficient for filling up spots that feel empty.

    4. This kind of goes in hand with suggestion #2. Need more variation between those modular pieces. Perhaps different damaged sections on each?

    5. Again, just more variation. More broken glass on one than another, maybe make the vent covers seem bent on a few.

    This is just my quick analysis. You're doing great and keep up the good work. Looking forward to seeing your progress.


    Zack Dembinski
  • EMC3D
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    EMC3D polycounter lvl 7
    Hey Roo this is looking really nice, I take it you'll be adding in assets and what not to help fill the scene, either way the direction of this is awesome so far.
  • roosterMAP
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    roosterMAP polycounter lvl 9
    ok, i've been having texture resolution errors because of mipmapping. I need to find a way to globally disable them. I tried the engine.ini file, but it didnt do a thing. I guess I could manually disable them.... but that would suck.

    Alright, i just updated the screenshot. I get rid of the important mipmaps.
  • PixelGoat
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    PixelGoat polycounter lvl 12
    Why would you want to disable mipmaps? Youll just en up with a noisy mess at longer distances.
  • roosterMAP
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    roosterMAP polycounter lvl 9
    Ya, I found that out the hard way. However, I did discover mipmap sharpening. :)

    but I disabled the mipmaps for the highway models.

    Also, im touching up an old model for a trash can:
  • roosterMAP
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    roosterMAP polycounter lvl 9
    Alright! new big update. I spent a lot of time on the lighting and post processing and lighting.

    I may make some small tweaks in the lighting, but for now, im gonna call it done.

    Now, Im gonna keep making assets, and maybe even have time to replace some ugly ones. :)


    In addition to feedback, I would also like an answer to the following question:
    In the "World Properties" window under the "Lightmass" tabs, there are these 3 options that are unchecked. Enable Image Reflection Shadowing, Visualize Material Diffuse, and Visualize Ambient Occlusion. When I select them and build them, it takes VERY long, so I never followed through. Could someone tell me what these check boxes do?
  • myles
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    myles polycounter lvl 10
    - Enable Image Reflection Shadowing:
    This is something new from the March build. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of documentation on it yet, but this is the sort of effect is supposedly gives - http://udn.epicgames.com/Three/rsrc/Three/DevelopmentKitBuildUpgradeNotes/Shadows_Reflective.png Though I'm not entirely sure which part -_-
    - Visualize Material Diffuse:
    Override normal direct and indirect lighting with just the material diffuse term exported to Lightmass. This is useful when verifying that the exported material diffuse matches up with the actual diffuse.
    - Visualize AO:
    Override normal direct and indirect lighting with just the AO term. This is useful when tweaking ambient occlusion settings, as it isolates the occlusion term.
  • Snefer
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    Snefer polycounter lvl 12
    Step 1: Build a nice rubblemesh. :)
    Step 2: Place it EVERYWHERE. there you go!

    Looking good btw, keep it up.

    (also, was serious about rubblemesh. :])
  • odium
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    odium polycounter lvl 11
    I can't help but feel the scale is all over the place, dunno if its the DOF tricking me into thinking it looks like a toy, or if its just the scale of the props?
  • roosterMAP
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    roosterMAP polycounter lvl 9
    Im afraid I dont see it ur way. I mean, I cant see the issues is scale. However, I did make a few edits to the depth of field so it should be a little better.

    Im really happy with how the sun and water turned out. Also, im glad how subtle the chromatic aberration is. I think it really adds the the scene.
    At one point, I did play around with lens flair, but decided it wasn'[t a good idea.
    Also, I think im about finished with the lighting and post processing. So now I can get back to adding assets. :)

  • aajohnny
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    aajohnny polycounter lvl 9
    I like it a lot, but I think on the bridge the pillars should be more worn out or beat.
  • nfrrtycmplx
    according to the code of conduct set by article five of the polycount rules and regulations, I feel it's my duty to point out that your 3rd screenshot has a giant penis in it... the rubble on the ground in the middle of the xcreen...

    Other than that, it looks great (maybe even because of that).

    my only crit is that it's clear you're using the same photosource overlay for all of your concrete... some color variation in your pieces would be great... some more contrast in your spec maps might be cool too... i'd also suggest lowering the gloss on them too and letting the spec map do a lot more of the work.

  • roosterMAP
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    roosterMAP polycounter lvl 9
    Alright, im gonna call it finished within the next few days. Maybe a few tweaks here and there, depending on what you guys say...

  • aajohnny
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    aajohnny polycounter lvl 9
    I think that machine or vehicle might be too clean.
  • ibarter
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    ibarter polycounter lvl 8
    Looking cool, just a couple of suggestions.

    It might look nice if you use decals or mesh paint to blend the bottom pillar pieces with the ground. It's such a harsh transition right now so my eyes goes straight to it. Also I would suggest adding some rubble or more foliage to that big empty space in front of the vehicle.
  • Matroskin
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    Matroskin polycounter lvl 11
    very good texture work as to me ;)

    To the only doubt that I have is the structure of concrete pieces.

    For example the pillars of viaduc normally are monolite concrete shapes. Its not like middle ages castles which were built by basically piling up sections of stones on top of each other.
    The whole highway overpass structure just don't feel stable even in it's "undamaged" state. The fact thet it is 1 row of pillars which consist of "lego blocks" piled up would make the whole highway collapse even without any war or cataclysm event:P

    Now, the collapsed concrete buildings seem to be fine in terms of their "blocks" but they seem to be in dynamic state right now.
    That is to say they seem to be in collapsing motion and not in a static state. The way the blocks are turned and position in relation to each other just makes it look like it is a "freeze frame" from collapse aniamtion. The fact that individual pillar pieces stay "glued" to some parts donesn't help either.
  • dtschultz
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    dtschultz polycounter lvl 12
    Yeah, I agree with the others. Starting to look really good, but those pillars don't look they could support the weight of what they are holding. I also think that parking garage (?) would look better if some of the vertical supports were not completely disengaged, because you have the same problem of the structure not looking feasible. It would be better if there were places the supports were still whole (with minor damage) holding up the structure.

    There's also a place where a pillar that is holding up an overpass is partially floating over a ravine, I would pull out the bank underneath it, or make some sort of concrete base that goes underneath the pillars. I'm not sure how these pillars are constructed in real life, but they might have a concrete base that anchors them into the ground. You might be able to make a piece (or reuse one you have with a different coloring and/or normal) that you could place at the base of these pillars, so you could have a better transition from the uneven ground surfaces to your pillars.
  • Matroskin
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    Matroskin polycounter lvl 11
    Just add one more thing which i just noticed right now ;)

    Logic of tipes props usage is not very convincing.
    Why there would be a pile of tires in the middle of the street?
    I think if u would skatter them more around it would look more subtle.
  • Joshflighter
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    Joshflighter polycounter lvl 9
    Nice! I seem to have missed this thread. Love it so far!
  • roosterMAP
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    roosterMAP polycounter lvl 9
    Alright, after MANY pple commenting abt how the pillars for the overpass didn't look solid enough, i've replaced them with a more structured shape.

    Im probably gonna edit the materials a bit, but here's the basic idea? U guys think its better? Im gonna wanna increase the AO tho.

    I also edited the specular maps to most concrete models so that they reflect a little more white light rather than a yellow glow. I also added a spec to the background buildings in order to bring out the shine from the windows.

  • Joshflighter
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    Joshflighter polycounter lvl 9
    Its getting there! I like it!
  • Bryan Cavett
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    Bryan Cavett polycounter lvl 15
    The scale is way way off. That robo wheel chair looks gigantic and the street looks tiny. The paint marks on the road look huge compared to the street as do the tires in the pit a few images up.

    Also I feel as if the brownstone type buildings don't work well with the architecture of the other buildings. I would also take a look at your overall composition and lighting as it feels a bit lacking at the moment. Maye get more sky in your shot for color. More props like street signs and light poles for color too. Don't just go with ref for that stuff like the brownstone buildings... try to tech it up or change the design to get more character to the shot and hint at the rest of the world that we will never see. Tell a story with those bits.

    Cool stuff so far just keep pushing it and check your scale.
  • raul
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    raul polycounter lvl 10
    looking good man! Besides what cavett mentioned, id say that things that would make it more "rage" like are a bit of foliage, to frame your composition. Also, blending and transitioning seams like the highway's pillar base connecting to the rubble. Right now it reads as 2 meshes. Using a bit of foliage, and dirt at the bottom of the pillar's base will help a little better. Some graffiti may also help.

    Keep it up!
  • ariofighter
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    ariofighter triangle
    I really like the way this is coming. I think you have made huge improvements from the first few images. Everyone has made good points about where you could take it. I just have 1 question. What happened here to cause so much destruction to a localized area? I mean buildings no more then 100 yards away from the demolished parking structure seam relatively untouched.

    On a side note, after looking at some screens from Rage, I can see where you got the almost 'house of cards' style of building collapse from.

    Great work so far, keep pushing it.
  • konstruct
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    konstruct polycounter lvl 13
    not trying to be a jerk- but the car thing looks a bit like this.

    that said I dig the way your materials are reading so far
  • roosterMAP
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    roosterMAP polycounter lvl 9
    I cant view the image. But here's why the car may look familiar. Since some of your folio work is copyright of ID software, I assume you still work there. Well, that car was my art test for id. So you must have seen the concept I was given at some point in time.

  • roosterMAP
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    roosterMAP polycounter lvl 9
    I finally found some time to myself, so I decided to try to widen my color pallet with some blue. I also got rid of the rage car cuz its kinda ugly... but it may go back later. My main focus was to get some more color other than brown, red, yellow, and orange. lol

    I also added a collapsed skyscraper. Still working the kinks out on that one. Its tricky to make it look good with modular pieces.

  • XRA
    just browsin on through, i like how this is progressing, I'd suggest exploring some larger, big-read shapes in the textures for the damaged/cracked bits, most of the damage is very clean, small and orderly looking.
  • Rhoutermans
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    Rhoutermans polycounter lvl 9
    Big improvement on the compisition right there. Try to put more colored objects in the scene as well? The grey-ish texture is everywhere due to the concrete, stuff like..

    - a bus stop
    - road signs
    - commercial/advertisement boards
    - Road/street nameplates
    - Streetlights
    - Classic dark-green City Direction Signs (Since the big road looks a bit like a highway, or access to one)

    I think adding a couple of those can bring more color to ur scene. Myself I'm all for the big Gears of War I dark color settings but I think with games like Bioshock3 gamers want to see a bit more variation :) Great work keep it up
  • Chemical Alia
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    Chemical Alia polycounter lvl 7
    Hey, this is looking pretty nice! RAGE definitely is the first thing that popped into my mind. As a former RAGE foliage specialist, I'd suggest taking a look at how the plants are handled in some of the screenshots and what type and what colors they are and how they blend into the ground, and that will go a long way for you.
  • igi
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    igi polycounter lvl 12
    Models,normals and the textures looking great!Your next step is probably add more small debris/dirt and maybe foliage.But the destroyed building at the left side is distractingly looks like stacked puzzle pieces.I think you need a few destroyed window-wall pieces for get rid of that feeling as you made for the ends of the column pieces.
  • Mistry10
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    Mistry10 polycounter lvl 8
    sweet stuff man, i really like your concrete textures.
    btw thanks for posting that Tut you made a few weeks back !
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