(WIP) Aztec Lizard Warrior; Mudbox comp entry

Hey everyone

So about 6 months ago I tried to organized a pretty cool Zelda style RPG game with some people from my class, but it didn't really work out. A few things here and there got done but we never saw anything in game really. One of my concept artists, however, made a design for a character that I completely fell in love with. He developed this concept of a Horned Lizard as an Aztec Warrior.

I only heard about this comp a couple weeks ago, and even though I'm new to sculpting, I'm going to go *ALL* out and develop this character as best as I possibly can. So, without wasting any more of your time with text, here are the concepts drawn completely by Vincent Angerosa (Also if you like his concepts, he IS looking for commission work :) ).

These two were done over summer, but I commissioned him to develop it a bit further in model sheets. He did this one a few days ago and is getting me an armored version tonight or tomorrow that I'll post up too

I haven't stepped into mudbox yet, wanting to get the base mesh for his body and armor complete first. But, with that said, as I post along please please please give me critique! I'll do my best to adhere to everything that is said because I really want to do my best. I'm not entering this contest expecting to win, but I'm going into this as if I was working somewhere and I was given this to do. I'm really looking forward to developing him and going to put all my heart into it

I forgot to put image heavy in the title, sorry :\


  • Cortes
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    Cortes polycounter lvl 6
    I just gotta say I'm definitely going to follow this one. Already I love the helmet design for this dude. Can't wait to see it textured!
  • itismario
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    itismario polycounter lvl 7
    Haha, nice. I'm starting a medieval lizard warrior for my class as well. I Love lizardfolk and the concept for this guy is really cool (jealous that I didn't get my hands on this concept XD). Which school do you go to? Also what contest are you talking about?
  • SaferDan
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    SaferDan polycounter lvl 8
    That helmet looks awesome as does the concept! Im excited for this!
  • Jungsik
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    Jungsik polycounter lvl 6
    :O I did a lizard dude myself but your concept looks so much cooler T_T
  • [SF]Three9
    So...i suppose i got discouraged from actually entering the contest from seeing the other works that were being done, and being completely exhausted from my production schedule at school didn't really help me to get anything done over Christmas vacation.

    regardless, I decided to pick up work on this guy, and im really enjoying myself :)

  • [SF]Three9
    Hah, wow this thing has seriously jumped in progress, yet I still have so much work to do...uggggh...if I just didn't have school, or a job, or bills, or everything else in life besides this piece! :)

    LUCKILY, Spring break is upon us and I plan on working my ass off (pft, who wants to relax and go outside :D ). I decided I needed to go ahead and post this update since 2 other lizard/dinosaur central american inspired characters have popped up, so yay tribe warriors!

    Anyway, updating the concept sheets in this post, concepts can be found here
    original pencil sketches:
    quick photoshop orthos

    ***All concept work done by the one and only Vincent Angerosa http://siegetheartist.tumblr.com/ Feel free to contact him for work, I'm sure he would love some more commissions :)

    now with that out of the way, heres the update. This guy is still heavily WIP, and im constantly going back and touching up/editing already done pieces because I'm really new to sculpting and I'm discovering different ways to do things. I'm in love with Mudbox and cannot wait for 2012 release (COME FASTER!). There are things I plan on editing and touching up, but regardless PLEASE C&C and let me know :). Hearing anyone voice things I already want to touch up will just give me more drive to do so.

    The only thing I DO want to address, is any penetration of the mesh. While I know I need to nip that problem in the ass before I make it a habbit, I do know about it and in this phase I will not be fixing it. I plan on making a low poly version and will fix this issue through that. Once the high poly is complete, I'll go back and touch up the issue areas.


  • itismario
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    itismario polycounter lvl 7
    I think you should beefen up the bicep area of the arm, it looks like he wouldn't even be able to lift up his forearms and its gear. Also try getting more of a smoother transition between the upper arm and forearm, right now it has like a weird hourglass shape. It's coming along really nicely though. Really enjoying the head area.
  • achillesian
  • r_fletch_r
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    r_fletch_r polycounter lvl 7
    looks awesome, my only crit is the arms look way to skinny and I would consider changing the detail on the areas of skin which are going to be flexable/deformable. kinda like a crocodile belly
    in contrast to its back

    It'd add some more visual contrast and make it feel like the areas could flex and bend.

    (in other news i just noticed that the first picture features Croco vagina, Nice!)
  • roosterMAP
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    roosterMAP polycounter lvl 7
    Looking pretty bad ass, but I think it looks wierd with his head so far forward. I know this is not a human character, but you should have added more mass in the back of the head (like the back of a persons skull). I think it would have made it a little less awkward.
  • [SF]Three9
    @ itismario
    I totally agree with you. I beefed up the arms from the base mesh while sculpting, but I think I missed out on giving him realistic mass. Before I move onto anything else on this guy I think I'll revisit this and fix it ASAP. Thanks I love the head too! :D. As you can see in the first post concept he drew up a few variations of the head, and I absolutely loved the one he drew a note on. He changed it up (as well as a few other things) in the colored ones, and I refused to change that :).

    Hah, never seen those guys before, I totally see where you got that :), though unfortunately when i googled that, 4 images i clicked on contained viruses, yay virus protection lol

    omg totally, thank you for that ref (and vagina! it's about time polycount got some! too many damn penis' about). I actually have a, somewhat similar design on his underbelly, and the underside of his arms and legs will have that too, but I never even though to give crease areas that scale design. That will work so much better, really thank you man!

    Once I finish the headdress I'd really like to get your opinion on this issue again. I don't currently have it modeled or sculpted, but he's going to have a huge feather headdress that comes out from the back of his helmet (see the concept and base mesh renders). If you still feel it's too much mass in the front I'll see what I can do about evening it out :)

    Thanks again guys, it's really encouraging to get this kind of feedback :). Updates will come soon
  • r_fletch_r
  • krisCrash
    Something about the arms, they look short! I see you drew a circle to project the arm down to the mid thigh, but you drew an oval, not a circle.
    Looking forwards to see this design spring to life :)
  • Mask_Salesman
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    Mask_Salesman polycounter lvl 8
    The design's nice, but I think you've delved into the detail too soon, your proportions haven't converted well into 3d. Take a good look back at the concept and sort that skinny liz out lol.

    This is a nice concept, hes like a stick robot atm, he could turn out really well from some proportional tweaks. keep it up.
  • Av7xrocker97
    Jeeze, that sculpt is looking beautiful! Keep it up!
  • DDuckworth
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    DDuckworth polycounter lvl 6
    I don't know if anyone else pointed this out yet but I just thought i'd leave this here


    seems like you two should be pals :)
    yea i agree there is something short about the arms... btu really great work on the armor and the face :D
  • R3D
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    R3D polycounter lvl 8
    check out http://www.polycount.com/forum/showthread.php?t=81606

    it seems that he is doing something in the same vein.
  • [SF]Three9
    @DDuckworth and Ryswick
    yea I know I pointed out previously I saw those other two :). I started this guy a long time ago (concept was done last summer), I just never got around to finishing it. After seeing that one and another central american inspired ish lizard, I decided i needed to post my progress :) Both that one and http://www.polycount.com/forum/showthread.php?t=81713 are looking great! It was kind of funny, I've been working on it and wanted to post it, and then I saw the temple guard pop up and was like wow, that's really similar. Then a week or so later the Tribesman popped up and was like gah, too many lizards/dinosaurs! haha

    My gator anatomy is complete!
    shopping ftw :P

    Yea as everyone has pointed out I'm going to reevaluate how I want to deal with this guy. In that polished pencil sketched, the proportions really appealed to me and I liked how he looked strong and fiercesome, yet light and agile, and that's something I really want to stick to. When he did the updated photoshop orthos I wasn't too keen on the meatier look. However, in a realistic sense, I think I went a bit too skinny, and I'm definitely addressing this

    @Av7xrocker97 and MESMURDA
    Thanks a lot guys! :) As previously said this is really encouraging, and I feel like this is my first real noteworthy piece. Just glad to know it's not all in my head :)
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