Attaching objects makes the attached object inherit all the normal properties. WTF.

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This has been driving me mental this morning.

Basically, I have this building I've made out of modular parts, so that the panels and windows all share texture space properly. At the moment only the panels have normal maps.

To get the normal maps to bake and display properly, I used an edit normal modifier to tweak the normals (before Instanced it about).

Now when I try to attach the objects together, the object being attached suddenly absorbs the same normals as the object I'm attaching it too. This results in the normals for every face in my model facing the same way. This is batshit crazy and not what I want.

Why is this inheritance in effect? How do I get it to go away? The only other solution is to manually fix every normal myself after I'm done attaching.

Many thanks to anyone that can shed some light into this!:thumbup: On a side note, Should I be better off just importing my original tiles into UDK and building the modular thing there? :poly124:


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