Maya CGFX Shader: KoddeShader v2.0!

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Hey guys!
I finally got around to remaking the "KoddeShader" from the ground up. Some old features which I found less useful were cut and a few new features I've learned since last time have been added. If you give this shader a go then please share your results or any other feedback.

Some highlight features of this shader:
  • 2-pass Transparency support (support for Specular and Reflections on transparent surfaces)
  • Fresnel based Specularity and Reflections
  • Gloss based Cube Map Mip Level modulation (For blurring, etc)
  • Various Skin parameters to mimic "realistic" skin (Blended Normals being one of them)
  • Ward Specularity option (Besides regular Phong Specularity)
  • Gamma Correction (2.2)

I've been feature creeping and tweaking the UI for quite some time and I think I've found and fixed most issues. I'm calling this version "rev3". Please let me know if you find any issues. Thanks!

Download "KoddeShader_v2.0_rev3.rar"


User guide time! <- Right-click to download

This ended up taking me longer to write than the shader :)
It's 24 pages filled with example images and useful info on how the shader works.

Let me know if you find any typos or errors. I've gone through it a few times but there's certainly something I've missed.



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