Inspiration Map Meme, C'mon!

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This was a pretty cool meme started by one of my favorite artists on deviantart, it's actually really fun to do, and its interesting seeing what other people come up with. I'ts become really popular and I know a few poly counters have used it to do mood boards.

The Idea is, you take this PSD Template, and fill in the boxes with your biggest inspirations, giving more space to your biggest inspirations. For example, here are three mood boards I did the other day for a large university project I'm starting.

I think it would be especially interesting to see what other polycounters come up with because we work in the same area, and will probably find each others inspirations as inspiring as our own!

So to get things rolling, here's mine:

Uninteresting fact(!): Solar fields did the music for mirrors edge, Robert Briscoe Worked on mirrors edge and Fox-Orion makes art inspired by mirrors edge. Also I like mirrors edge. :poly142:

Lemme see yours!
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