nDo - Normal creation toolkit


To all you CG fanatics out there!

I’m releasing nDo, my normal map creation toolkit for Photoshop. Thanks to my colleague Philip Klevestav (http://www.philipk.net/) who took the time to write an extensive tutorial for it, it will (after having collected dust for a year) finally be released to the public. For free!

What is this nDo thing?
Introducing a toolset for quickly designing normal maps without ever leaving Photoshop, nDo is a melting pot of normal creation techniques. Sculpt using your custom brushes, create volumes from selections, paths or layers, apply filters, generate complexly multifaceted normal maps from height or photographs, rotate and transform without biasing normal – nDo is designed to cover many of your normal mapping needs in a to-the-point format.


More info
To learn more about the tool, go to http://cgted.com/ for installation instructions, tutorials and downloads. For feedback, questions or feature requests, feel free to drop me a mail or two @ teddy.bergsman[at]gmail.com.



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