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Original Post:
I'm in!

Planning for a sci-fi environment that is something of a stylistic mashup of Megaman and id's Rage. Megaman isn't a beat-em-up series, but I'm just talking about visual style. The environment layout should end up looking appropriate for a Castle Crashers or Final Fight type game level.

Here's a sketch I've been poking at over a couple of lunches:


Right now this concept sketch is mostly for visual exploration. I'll figure out the final level layout in 3D rather than taking the designs in this concept any further.

Personal challenge things:
  • Iterate on and develop the environment as a whole rather than taking any one asset all the way to final polish.
  • Use a global palette to add flavor to textures instead of leaving surfaces monochromatic.
  • Make strong use of tiling textures rather than getting lost in a sea of one-to-one models and textures.
  • Make strong use of decals and VFX to make the scene feel alive.
  • Finish on time!
I'm pumped, let's do this!


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